A few months before our wedding Handsome and I decided to have a yard sale …….we were having to combine all of our stuff and prepare to move it into the townhouse we would be living in after our wedding. I was helping him go through his stuff when I came across a plastic belt. I assumed it would definitely go into the yard sale pile…..it was the temporary belt that use to come on pants to use when trying them on.

He flipped! He said “You can’t clean that out, it’s the belt that came on the pants!”

I said, “I know, you aren’t supposed to use it…..you take it off after purchasing the pants.”

He said, “You can’t throw it away…it’s the belt that CAME on the pants.”

I said, “OK”

And then when he wasn’t looking I put it in the yard sale pile.

Fast forward a week or so….it was yard sale day.

As I was handling the crowd and answering questions and taking people’s money this very large ‘woman’ in a familiar dress {costume} and a straw hat came up to purchase the plastic belt. ‘She’ said, “Thank you, ma’am.” in a wonderful ladies voice and walked away.

I burst out laughing.

It was Handsome in one of my Nutcracker costumes and a wig and straw hat of mine. Β He had dressed up in costume and come to buy his belt back! I knew it as soon as his gorgeous hands handed me the money. {This is how life goes when you marry a fellow, highly-trained, professional actor.} ha! I knew right then that life was going to be adventure.

{He had taken some of his costume off by the time I took a picture……}

Happy Father’s Day, Handsome! πŸ˜‰

And to all the other fathers out there……this weekend is for you!

May you be blessed coming and going……

you hold much power in your stead.

{Click on each pic for the source}

Happy Father’s Day to you all~


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