A Beach Blanket of One’s Own…….

When this posts I will be on a plane headed to Haven!  I’ll share all the fun with you when I get back.  I thought I’d share a fun Beach Blanket idea with you while I was gone!

We made each one of our children one of these fun beach blankets…..and it’s so much fun to get them out and use them each year.  All of their friends and family participated in each blanket when we did them.

You can always use an extra blanket, right?  RIGHT!  Especially for picnics and the beach.  Here is something fun we have done with each of our children….a fun, personalized beach blanket.  We actually used this as birthday party activities when our children were very young–allowing each guest to add to the blanket when they arrived.

This is a fun friendship beach blanket—but, you could use the same idea and make a very nice gift for a graduate, wedding, friend, etc.  You could choose a design to personalize the blanket; or let it be a memento for some special occasion.

Here’s what you will need for the project:

1.  Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in all the colors you desire to use

2.  Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium

3.  Brushes in various sizes

4.  Small containers to mix paint and textile medium–we used paper cups

4.  Bed sheet in the size desired—we used a full


1.  Prewash and dry sheet

2.  Hang sheet between two trees, or spread on the ground/floor with something holding the edges down

3.  Just prior to using—mix textile medium into paint colors you are ready to use

4. Paint away!

5.  It will dry pretty fast—but we left it out to dry 24 hours before folding or using

Here’s some shots of different spots on our beach blankets:

These are really fun to make—and make a great keepsake!  We still have fun talking about all the friends that added their special touch to each blanket–and what each addition meant to our children.

Hope you are having a super week~


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