Haven and My Atlanta Getaway……{Haven Conference 2012}

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things…coming back from my five-day getaway! Woohoo!  It went by so fast. I took some great classes, met some super people, and had lots of fun! Are you ready for me to ramble????

{Please excuse the poor quality of the pics…they were all taken on my phone.}

plane wing

These girls were great…..had so much fun with them! And Kristin’s {The Hunted Interior} hubby arranged for us to go to a fabulous restaurant in Atlanta called Cinco’s.  We were treated like royalty….and it was delicious! If you are ever in the area…be sure to check it out.

haven 2012 group

One of the first classes that I took was Marian’s {Miss Mustard Seed} Advanced Painting class.  Loved learning about some fun tips on new products for painting….

miss mustard seed

In her class there was a contest to see who had the worst/best paint clothes.  If you guys have been around here very long….you know that my favorite painting clothes are my 20 year-old tie-dyed jumpsuit that is basically dry rotting as we speak.  The straps are held together with safety pins and there is a huge hole in the rear…so I always have to wear something tied around my waist.  I’ve tried cleaning them out….but I just can’t.  I really do think that I paint better in them.  😉 {I’m on the left}

miss mustard seed paint clothes contest

{Photo is from the Haven flickr group and taken by mysweetthings.com}

Well…..I WON!  My ratty paint clothes won the contest!

paint clothes

I won this super set of Annie Sloan paint brushes…..and you guys know that is my favorite paint for furniture and other home projects! 🙂 Can’t wait to put them into action….my others were wearing out.

annie sloan paint brushes

Here are some of the colors of Miss Mustard Seed’s new milk paint that will be coming out in the  fall……there are 12 different colors, and they are all beautiful.  If you love the chippy-look…milk paint is for you!  I’ll keep you updated about where you can get it and how I intend to use it.  Can’t wait! The waxes from her line actually smell like lotion….and some will smell like lavender!  {A far cry from the smell of mineral spirits, I’d say!}

miss mustard seed milk paint colors

{Picture from Miss Mustard Seed}

In one of my other classes….photography, I think….I put my camera bag down and it had a sister! ha!  I love Jeanne Oliver Designs….and it looks like someone else did, too.  These two bags became the talk of Haven….and certain women {who shall remain nameless} chased us down to find out how to get them!

jeanne oliver camera bag

Home Depot was one of the main sponsors of this great two-day event…..and I was one of the winners of their big prizes!  Woohoo! And guess what it has to do with?  PAINT!  Yes!

Home Depot

After Haven was over I still had another couple of days in Atlanta…and got to spend it with some fun new friends going to fun places……Ikea being our first stop! {You just can’t pass up Ikea when it’s right down the road!}


And then we headed to the Titanic Exhibit….a treat for anyone that loves history. The artifacts that have been recovered are amazing…there aren’t very many; but the ones there are – are just incredible.

titanic exhibit

My last day was spent getting ready to leave…..and for a bit of R&R. I somehow managed to twist my ankle and was trying to keep it up a bit.  I ordered what was supposed to be a nice, little breakfast …. an omelet with fresh fruit.  THIS is what I got……merciful heavens! It was enough for the entire group of Haven to come eat with me! {OK, maybe not entire…but a lot!}

room service breakfast

So I delved into one of my favorite reads while eating my feast breakfast…Kinfolk.  It is only published twice a year….and is a treat to read.  You can find it at Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma.

kinfolk magazine

 Packing up was more than I bargained for…….having to sit on my suitcase to get it closed. It was filled with drill bits, Annie Sloan paint, brushes, tools, etc…..all wonderful swag from the Haven sponsors.  I had already shipped one box of fun gifts home at the UPS store….and was praying I would make it through security with all the other stuff!

sitting on suitcase to get it closed

I was greeted by these wonderful messages when I arrived back home…..one of which said:

“Nothing happened to da house while u were gone…so don’t ask.” ha!

I asked.

welcome home messages

The wonderful ending to my excursion…not only coming home to my favorite people {the best part!}….but while walking through the garden seeing this……

brick walkway

Handsome had created a walkway out of antique brick…salvaged from a Civil War home in the deep south…..it is beautiful! These guys know how to welcome me home!

Have you been on any excursions lately?  I’d love to hear about them!

Resting up from my getaway~

If you’d like to read about some other Haven experiences….head on over to Southern Hospitality!


10 thoughts on “Haven and My Atlanta Getaway……{Haven Conference 2012}

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing time there! Hope I can go next year! Congratulations on all your prizes. Let me know what you think of the ASCP brushes! Also, did you get to try MMS milk paint?

    • Oh…I love the brushes. I’ve been using them for a while, but mine were getting worn out! So glad to have new ones. 🙂 Yes, I got to try MMS milk paint. I love it…can’t wait to be able to use it at home! Milk paint is a bit different than chalk paint….and it naturally chips. {You can’t really control where it chips….so its a fun surprise.}

  2. Congrats on that mondo Home Depot gift basket. Could you believe all those give-aways? I won a hand sander–something I’d been secretly–ok not so secretly–wanting. I think everybody had a blast at Haven 2012.

  3. Will it sure was eventful! Loved going to the Titanic with you and seeing all those awesome old vintage labels. Did your family like their goodies? I can’t believe you twisted your ankle. You guys sure had a bit of bad luck. Hope everything is back to normal now and your are keeping your family safe and warm!

    • I’m still thinking about those labels! My ankle is fine…thanks for checking. 🙂 Everyone loved their goodies…yay! {I love all of my goodies, too.}

  4. It wonderful to meet you! Sorry about your ankle, but jealous of your loot! Great stuff! I wish I could find a jumpsuit like yours, well almost like yours, I need a seat in mine 😉
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Debbie~

      I’ll let you know if I come across one! I actually found a guy that sells tie-dye items that said he thinks he could make me a new one! Woohoo! I’d have a seat again!

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