The Power of a Name…….

Thought I’d take a moment today for some housekeeping. 🙂 I shared this over a year ago…close to the beginning of this blog; but I thought it would be good to share again with all of you wonderful new readers. 🙂

There’s so many fun things I like to write about….and so many fun things I want to share with you. For instance:  did you know that every time we go to a fast food restaurant Handsome likes to get creative with the kid meal toys? {See below….he was excited to make them tango.}

kids meal toys tango

Or things about me, like…….my knees are almost always fuzzy, because even after decades of shaving I don’t seem to have the hang of knees. {I’ll spare you the picture for that one…..}

How about how to pronounce my name.  That’s a big one.  Many people botch it.  First of all……my name is spelled:  D. a. u. n. e.

Phonics, people, phonics!  ‘au’ says “aw” and e’s on the end of words are USUALLY silent in this crazy English language. {Unless we are in France.  I wish we were in France, but we are not right now. If we were in France you could make the ‘e’ say whatever you wanted it to.}

I get a lot of goofs with my name—and lots of people have e-mailed me to find out about it.  I think there’s even been a few people that think I am a guy.  {See above fuzzy knee thingy and maybe that will set that one straight. :)}  I’m really gonna have to get a better picture on this blog somewhere.  The head shots I’ve tried to add so far have been fuzzy, so back to the drawing board.

So, housekeeping for today is: “How to pronounce my name”.  My FEMALE name.  [hint, hint…did ya catch it?] Let’s start with what it IS NOT {but I’m often called or referred to}:



Doo-Ann {huh?}


Day-nee {what in the world!?}


My name is:  Daune….pronounced like ‘Dawn’. 🙂

There you have it!  You are now in the know!  You will sleep better tonight with this knowledge…I feel sure.

Love you guys~

PS  That thingy at the end of my name is a heart. I have signed my name with a heart since second grade.  Just so you wouldn’t think I added another letter to whole crazy name situation. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Power of a Name…….

  1. I am happy to report that I learned my phonics well all those years ago and in my head have been pronouncing it correctly. Even if sometimes I spell it wrong.


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