Refinishing Tile: Our Miracle Method {Cottage Bath Makeover}

It’s like a miracle method….this wonderful tile refinishing kit that we found at Lowe’s several months ago.

Since we purchased our cottage…the dark, forest green tile in the master bath has been the bane of the bathroom’s existence!

Plan A is to rip it out and put a claw foot tub in this neat little ‘cubby’ in the master bath.  But, while we work our way to Plan A…..this is our temporary solution.

Now, I must admit and confess…this is NOT FUN!

I almost died from fumes.

But I didn’t…in case you were wondering.

This stuff is sticky…as in I couldn’t put the brush down because it was stuck to my hand. In fact for the entire day of this project I would walk by things in the house and they would stick to me.  As I threw some kind of fit in the kitchen trying to get all the stuff that was stuck to me off….I realized my family was watching me wondering whether they should try to help or run to their rooms and hide. {They ran to their rooms.}

It was like we were filming an “I Love Lucy” episode right here at Oak Cottage.

I was beginning to think I would have to live this way…if I was going to have a super power I always hoped it would be flying. Not sticking.

So, I repeat: This process WAS NOT FUN!!!

But, well worth it when it was over. And by day 4 I was no longer sticky.

This paint? goo? gunk?…whatever it is … is very interesting.  It is self-leveling, so if you put on thin coats as directed it self-levels as it dries. It’s kind of like liquid rubber until it dries…and then it is like tile! ha! A miracle method, for sure!

Here’s our ugly green tile before….

miracle method

miracle method

Check out the transformation……

miracle method

miracle method

miracle method

Isn’t that cool?

It has to dry for 72+ hours before you can use it.  I’m so excited…no more ugly tile!  Yippee!

If you can handle a day of sticky….you can find this in the plumbing/bathroom section of the home improvement stores…It is called a Tile Refinishing Kit.  It comes in white and cream/beige. I can’t remember the name brand {it’s not a well-known name}…but it is the only tile refinishing kit you can buy.

More fun bathroom redo to come over the next many days…..

So glad to not be sticky~


12 thoughts on “Refinishing Tile: Our Miracle Method {Cottage Bath Makeover}

  1. Most things worthwhile don’t come without pain but your end result is amazing (I don’t use that word like a teenager). It truly looks like brand new tile. Glossy, smooth and beautiful. Great job.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is incredible!!! We have a cinnamon colour tile in our bathroom – halfway up the walls that I would love to cover up temporarily (until we redo the whole bathroom)! Very nice transformation girl!

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