Why I’m Not Reading This Book…….{The Fifty Shades}

I had my blog post all written…almost finished. I love literature and I love reading…so books are near and dear to my heart and I think the written word is so very powerful. We classically homeschool our three children…and literature is a huge part of that. We devour wonderful works of literature around here with tenacity. 🙂

 I started my “Why I’m not reading this book” post a week or so ago……and then came across Edie’s post.  It is so very well-written and says exactly how I feel and what I was writing in my post…..but when something has been so well-done, it just doesn’t need to be re-done.

So, I wanted to share this post with you written by Edie from Life in Grace..a wonderful blog, by the way, that I think you will enjoy.  🙂

Here is the post:

Why I’m Not Reading Fifty Shades of Gray

the fifty shades

{Picture from Life In Grace as well}

I hope you will take a moment to read it all the way through….it is my sentiments exactly.

Happy Monday~


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Reading This Book…….{The Fifty Shades}

  1. I really don’t know anything about the book other than I’ve heard it’s about sex. I never have time to read, and I’m often tired at night. So to sum it up, I guess I’d rather have my own sex than read about it!


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