Spray Painted Faucet {& My Faucet Fail}


Well the master bath redo is coming along nicely…still on the lookout for a few finishing details. We switched all the hardware from aged brass to oil rubbed bronze.  BUT, our sink is over 100 years old, and new hardware cannot be purchased for it.  SO, you know what I did. Yep, you know.

I painted it.

I used oil rubbed bronze spray paint and it looks fabulous!  L.o.v.e. i.t.

Hardware does very well painted….doorknobs, cabinet hardware, faucets, etc.

However, sometimes when I get an idea and I can’t wait to do it….I get in a bit of a rush. I skip important steps….or use a quicker version of what I need.  I couldn’t find my painters’ tape..or Frog Tape {my favorite!}, so I just thought I would use my masking tape.

Bad idea.

Masking tape DOES NOT work the same as painters’ tape or Frog Tape.

Here’s what it looked like afterward due to the masking tape.

Behold…my Faucet Fail:

spray paint faucet

It took me hours…and many Q-tips to get this mess cleaned up.

{By the way…if you ever have a goof like this it’s not the end of the world…just use Goof Off! or Oops! and with a bit of elbow grease it will all work out!..If you don’t die from the fumes.}

Here’s what it looked like after it was all cleaned up…

spray paint faucet

And patched up.  Yay!

spray paint faucet

The counter is not longer looking like that….I redid it to look kind of like cement/concrete.

If you would like to paint some faucets or hardware….

Here’s What You Need:

1. Painters’ Tape or Frog Tape

2. Plastic Zip-loc bags

3. Spray paint in your chosen finish {make sure it is labeled for metal}

4. Goof Off! or Oops!…just in case….oh yeah, and lots of Q-tips!  hahahaha!

Here’s How Ya Do It:

1. Poke a hole in the bottom of the Ziploc bag and put it around whatever you are painting…seal it down with painters’ tape or Frog Tape.

2. Cover and protect anything in the area that you don’t want the overspray to cover

3. Spray fixtures……at least 2 coats.

{It’s great if the fixtures can be removed and you can do this outside….BUT, ours could not be removed and I had to do this while they were still attached to the sink.  Make sure everything is covered in the room if you have to do it this way!}

4.  After the paint is dry…carefully remove the tape and plastic.

5. Use a tiny paint brush for any touch-ups that may need to be done.

Hope you all had a super weekend!



10 thoughts on “Spray Painted Faucet {& My Faucet Fail}

  1. Love this idea…I have the old shiny brassy gold in my master bath on everything!…I’m slowing replacing things but the shower enclosure is the ugly gold & I have been tempted to spray it….but what do you use to clean it? I was afraid it would come off if I used the normal cleaning products (Like scrubbing bubbles or bar keepers friend on the shower)

    • Heidi~

      I don’t scrub the painted faucets with any abrasive cleansers….we use Mrs. Meyer’s bathroom cleaner for those. It works great! I just use the abrasives around them. 🙂

  2. I’ve been slowly spray painting all of the knobs and fixtures in our new house. Fortunately, I’ve been able to take all of mine outside. The grass ends up spray painted which I’m sure the neighbors question, but it can just be mowed away!

    • Dear Stephanie, We in the midwest have been coping with record temperatures and drought. I guess I should do some green spray painting this fall! The grass needs some green. It is way too hot to paint outdoors (way above 90 degrees).

      • Oh, Laurette…I know what you mean. Most of the summer has been triple digits here. 105, 108…even a 110 day. Super hot and humid, but we have been getting crazy rain and thunderstorms. Maybe you could paint the grass green! 🙂

    • I know they look great! It probably looks like crop circles…watch out for those “Aliens are invading the earth” people. 😉 Our grass seems to always have interesting shapes and colors on it….make the neighbors talk.

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