Special Things in the Garden…..

I love things that have a story.  I think that’s why I love history, vintage items, and antiques. They are an extra special treasure when they are passed down from your own family.

Over the years we have worked on creating garden rooms and different vignettes throughout our yard and garden.  I like to add things that have a special story or that end up being a little unexpected surprise tucked away here and there.

garden art

Some of the special things nestled in our garden are….

The plow that my grandfather used for many years to plow his garden each spring

A chamber pot from my Dad’s farm growing up….there was no indoor plumbing on the farm!

A vintage cooler used at my grandfather’s store

My grandmother’s canning pot…..she grew and canned the most amazing fruits and vegetables every year in this pot.

Mule guards that my Dad used to use on the farm mules when working with them. {I’m going to line them with moss and use them as planters.}

The wrought iron glass top table that was our dining room table when I was 5.

A special tobacco planter….the tobacco was put into the small chamber, water in the large one.  As my Dad walked the rows he would drop a seedling into the shoot, stick it in the ground, pull the lever and it would be planted and watered all at once. Tobacco used to be king here in NC…and my Dad grew up spending 12+ hours a day in the fields on his family’s farm.

Beside the tobacco planter is a mole ‘killer’? trap? I won’t go into detail how this works, it’s pretty gruesome; but it’s how my Dad’s family controlled moles on the farm many years ago.

My grandparents’ crosscut, double-handed saw used to cut the firewood for the farm.

I cherish these items…and many more. It’s like having little warm fuzzies throughout the garden and yard. Things that remind me of my heritage and those that came before me.

Do you have special things in your garden, yard, or home that are treasures from the past?


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8 thoughts on “Special Things in the Garden…..

  1. These are incredible pieces of your past and the beauty you created out of them is just wonderful! I do not have anything from my past in my garden. Actually, do not have anything from my family’s past at all. Kind of sad.

  2. Oh, your garden is gorgeous! And I love how you’ve incorporated vintage, sentimental things into it! I have an old door with a wreath on it propped up in my back yard, but that’s about it! 🙂

  3. The best garden we ever had was our first year of marriage without any kids. Bumper crop and no one to feed it too! These days fights break out over a vine ripe tomato.


    • We had the same thing! We lived in a townhouse before kids and had container vegetable gardens and they were overflowing! ha! Now we fight the raccoons for one tomato a week. The herbs do great, though.

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