Soda Can Art

I think these are so fun to make…I love taking things and repurposing them into something completely different from their original purpose.

These fun garden art pieces are made from aluminum soda cans.

art from aluminum cans

soda can artIt’s a super easy project…great fun for even young children. {An adult probably needs to do the cutting and then they can decorate.}

aluminum can art

Here’s what you need:

aluminum soda cans…any kind

acrylic paints and/or spray paints

3-D or puff paint if you want a 3-D look

sharp scissors

Here’s how ya do it:

1. Thoroughly wash/rinse out cans

2. Using sharp scissors cut the can in half…poke a hole halfway down and then cut around the can.

3. Decide the design you would like…..pointed or squared. Then begin from the cut edge cut down until you ALMOST reach the bottom…either in zig-zag or in long rectangles.

4.  Bend the cut pieces out like rays of a sunshine.  If there are any pieces you don’t like…cut them out.

5.  Paint and decorate them any way you wish!

Aluminum is super easy to bend, so you can crinkle it if you’d like; or bend it any way you wish.  You can really have fun with this project.

Teens would love to do a bunch of these to decorate their room or locker…just be careful, the cut edges are sharp.

You can hang them with nails, or put magnets on the back.


Anyone else gearing up for school?  I started filling in planners/plans for our three today. {We homeschool…so I’m making sure we have everything covered and ordered and ready to go.} So hard to believe that we will be starting in just a couple of weeks!

It will be an exciting year…our oldest will be going to China for a couple of weeks….and I will also be taking him to NYC for a Mom/Son senior trip. Lots of other exciting things coming up this school year, too.  I don’t want to rush it away….but I can’t wait for some things!

I’m running around trying to squeeze in those last few projects before we start…my ideas far exceed my allotted time! Eeeeeeeeeek!

Do you have a list..written or imaginary…that you like to check off before the school year starts?


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