Summer Evenings…..{A Fond Farewell}

We just have a couple more weeks of summer here at our cottage. It has gone by so very fast. Even though fall is my very favorite season and I’m looking forward to it….I’m not quite ready to give up the carefree evenings and days of summer.

We have several traditions that we enjoy each summer. One of them is to attend lawn concerts…..and our favorite is always the symphony. We have some great memories from this summer, and have gotten to have lots of fun, but as I look back through the pictures our evenings on the lawn listening to the symphony always jump out at me.

The program is always wonderful…..our teenage son ends up finding new pieces that he would like to add to his repertoire within each concert.

summer evenings

We enjoy our picnic and the lovely smell of clover wafting in the evening breezes.

summer evenings

And sometimes have fun playing a game…….

summer evenings

Handsome’s favorite is hacky sack…a game played with a small ball filled with sand in which you can only use your feet and body to keep in the air. He takes his hacky sacks everywhere he goes, and usually draws a crowd of curious onlookers that want to learn to play….or at least just watch the fun.

summer evenings

summer evenings

It is said you can always tell a ballerina by the fact that she can’t ever keep her feet still. It’s true…I’ve never known a dancer that could keep her feet still. Mine move even in the bed at night until I fall asleep. So, when the symphony is playing Strauss waltzes….it is all I can do to not hop up and start dancing; but usually I gain control and dance in my place on the blanket.

summer evenings

This particular evening there was a gorgeous full moon over the water and blooming magnolias……just adding to the perfect evening.

summer evenings

And, of course, the night was capped off with fireworks over the water.

summer evenings

I will miss these lovely summer evenings.

How about you? Are there any summer traditions in which you don’t want to say farewell?



Love to hear from you guys.......

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