Trips vs. Vacations……

I love to travel….for any reason. I’ve spent much of my life traveling on wonderful adventures; and was blessed while I was young to do lots of traveling. Those adventures are some of my most favorite memories of growing up.

trips vs. vacations


Sometimes we take trips, and sometimes we go on vacation. They are two very different things….even though both of them are fun.

trips vs. vacations


Trips are when you travel to visit family or friends, or travel with several other people. Trips are great, but they are not vacations.

trips vs. vacations


Vacations are when you go on a wonderful retreat with just you and your spouse, or you and your immediate family….spouse and children. There is no schedule….just away on a fun adventure relaxing and playing in a spot that nourishes your souls. Fabulousness!

When one of my children just came in the room and saw the title of this post…she said “VACATIONS!” It is the unanimous cry from all five of us here at our cottage. Trips are wonderful and we look forward to them…..but vacations are our favorite.

Have you had any trips and/or vacations this summer?

Which is your favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend~


4 thoughts on “Trips vs. Vacations……

  1. Vacations!!! I most definitely enjoy these the most. I love the photos that you’ve chosen Daune… I live in the middle of England so my favourite destinations are usually by the Lakes or seaside.

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