That Time of Year is Here……


It’s that time of year again.  We are starting back to school next Monday.


Where has the summer gone? We homeschool, and right now I wished my desk looked more like this…..


instead of this…..


Soon there will be things like this all over our cottage…..


I love this quote…


I think everyone should have their own copy of this…..


Because, after all, as you can see below….punctuation is very important……


I think these would make a fun back-to-school breakfast…..


And these would be some fun little treats to pass out to friends….


These are wonderful questions….and I will keep them nearby all year….especially great if you have teens…..


I think you will find this real time video of the Northern Lights a real treat….

Source: via Daune on Pinterest             

{source to view}

For Family Night this upcoming weekend we are going to have a Back-to-School Party…just the 5 of us. I can’t wait…we always have fun with this. It will look a bit like this…..


Can you tell I have a lot on my mind?



thinking in


I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


What. is. your. week. looking. like?


4 thoughts on “That Time of Year is Here……

  1. Love the quote by Charlotte Mason! I homeschooled for years and she was my hero. I loved this time of year, but it can be overwhelming at times. When your home is your school everything has to be in order, or it is at least easier when it is. My daughter is a college graduate and my son leaves for the University of Texas on Thursday. Homeschooling rocks!

  2. We also homeschool our last one in the nest (she’s 17), and we will be starting back next week, too. As this is her last year, I am focusing on budgeting, home and life skills, and helping her to decide what she wants to do with her life after homeschooling. So this week, I will be putting the final touches on her curriculum, freezing some peaches, and enjoying this last full week of no schedules! Happy school year to you!

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