Steeped Memories…..

I thoroughly enjoy magazines. I think that is why Pinterest is so fun….it’s like a free magazine and you never know what you might find or be inspired by.

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It’s wonderful to browse through beautiful pictures…..eye candy! We would never want to see pictures of clutter, or stained sofas, or the pair of underwear that got stuck on the ceiling fan while the laundry was being thrown over the banister to be folded downstairs…that stayed there for several days before it was noticed. No, those kind of pictures wouldn’t be very much fun to look at. We were created to be drawn to beauty…in nature, in home decor, in style, in art, in words, in all life has for us. It is how we are all wired. Our Creator meant it to be that way.

We were created to be drawn to perfection and the ideal. But our human eyes can deceive us sometimes….and we are drawn to what we THINK is perfection and the ideal, when it is a lovely, staged illusion.

So, while I love to look at magazines….I don’t want to live in one.  I like to keep our home organized, clean, and full of beautiful and lovely things to look at, ponder, use, and enjoy. But we have all white sofas that get spills and stains from fun times we’ve had as a family or with others here in our cottage. We have teenagers that hang out here for sleepovers and movie nights, Bible study, parties, etc. We love every minute. There are spots on our white sofas…..we wash them and spot clean them….but there are some spots that will always remain. The hot cider that splashed last fall when we had a home full of people for an autumn party, the little red spot from the peppermint candy at Christmas when the girls had loads of friends over for a night of fun, the small chocolate smudge from a friend’s child when they were here for dinner, the popcorn buttery spot thingy from father and son movie nights watching heroes save the world……

I could go on.

Most might look upon those things and call them stains. I like to call them steeped memories. They are full of beauty. Each one represents a special time had, special people in our lives, a treasure. What good is it to have a home full of beauty and creativity if it is not shared with others…..used to bless our families and others.

A sanctuary of beauty filled with steeped memories.

That is what I hope our Oak Cottage is to those that grace its door.

I love to cook, but sometimes I burn the bread. I love to decorate and create, but sometimes it’s a mess. I love a sparkly clean home, but sometimes there’s dust bunnies and trash.   I love beautifully designed clothes, but sometimes there’s underwear on the ceiling fan. In other words….we are living life one day at a time, to the full. We don’t want to miss a minute; and we hope whomever stops by will jump on and enjoy the adventure with us. And possibly even add a steeped memory to our collection.

That’s more desirable to me than what I see in my favorite magazines.




8 thoughts on “Steeped Memories…..

  1. Oh Sweetie, you have such away with words and you are always a God breeze in my life! I needed to hear this today for multiple reasons. Being sick, it is very hard for me right now to keep my house up as I usually do, and I have been beating myself up very badly over it. Another thing that adds to that feeling is coming to visit people’s blogs and seeing only perfectionin their homes, and comparing my situation to theirs, and feeling even more inadequate! Lastly, and perhaps worst of all, is getting upset with my elderly mom and my cats for making “stains” on the furniture (never intentionally of course). Thank you for helping to remove the scales from eyes and for remindingme of what is truly important. I love how you refer to those spots on the sofa as “Steeped Memories”, I will try very hard to move forward with the same loving attitude.

    God bless you for your wisdom,

    • Maureen~ You have blessed me! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I will be praying for you…so sorry that you are dealing with sickness. Sickness can always put such a fuzzy filter over our eyes and wear us down in so many ways, not just physical. You are a treasure….I hope you have a wonderful night!

  2. That was a lovely post!! I am going to bookmark this and print it out to remind me often that living with a husband, three kids and two dogs is messy…but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it is the wise words of a friend that helps us see the truth. Blessings on your day!

  3. What Maureen said!!! I sometimes despair of ever having my home the way I dream of it being. But in truth, I love my home the way it is, full of love and dogs and cats, and a stack of projects waiting for “when I can”. I don’t want to live in a magazine, either!

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