Coffee Sack Chair Cushions……{& The Perils of Being a Ballerina}

OK, so I’m trying to be a good sport. I re-injured a past dance injury back in June while I was in Atlanta at Haven. I just knew that I could do all my little tricks…..after dancing professionally for almost 30 years my bag of tricks for feet injuries is quite large. ha!

But, alas. It has just kept getting worse, landing me at the foot doctor this week getting x-rays, etc. I now have a lovely little device on the side of my foot that is supposed to re-teach my foot how to walk. Leave it to me to have a foot that forgets how to walk. My foot is taped like a mummy. Try not to be envious…..I’m thinking that maybe I could start a new fashion trend. I’ll put it on Pinterest and see what happens. Hey, I could paint it with chalk paint!

One of the teen girls that spent the night here a few days ago wants to be a professional ballerina. She asked about my foot, and when I explained my original injury and what was wrong currently…she asked “Does that happen often?” From the look on my face I think she may have instantly changed career paths.

Hey, maybe I could look at this war wound that comes back to haunt me as a steeped memory! It reminds me of my years as a ballerina…..ones that I loved and regardless of injuries incurred would do all over again. It led me to meet Handsome. Could this possibly be a steeped memory???? Hmmmmmmm. I’ll work on it.

Oh, did I mention that while this thing is on my foot I can’t take a shower? Yeah. That’s a whole different kind of steeping that I’m thinking is not going to be good.  Bless. my. heart.

So, while I’m here stinking steeping…..I brought back a little project from the archives that I thought would be fun.

Coffee Sack Chair Cushions

We have this great dining set that we keep on our front porch–we have a wonderful, huge front porch–LOVE IT!!  It was actually my parents dining set in the 70′s.  These cushions have seen many covers–and are still going strong.  They desperately needed a new look this year–and so I started my search.  Did I want to cover them in linen again?  Vintage tablecloth?  Oh no—NOT the plastic/vinyl-ly stuff.  Definitely not!

Our whole family loves coffee–especially coffee on the porch.  And, I love old coffee sacks.  Ebay is a great place to find coffee sacks.  I purchased 20 old sacks for $25–we’ve done all kinds of fun things with them.  They would be perfect for this project!  What do you think?

These are very easy seats to cover because the cushions actually sit on top of the frame.  Make sure if you cover similar cushions you have a great staple gun. {I wasn’t very neat with my stapling–I can get away with that for these cushions, but for some you wouldn’t be able to.}

Turn seats upside down on top of fabric and cut a piece that is at least 3-4 inches larger than your cushion.  When stapling–start on one side in the middle and then go to the opposite side pulling taught as you staple.

It took me less than 30 minutes for these cushions! Now—how to get those rusty spots off the glass……….???????? I’ll try the Magic Eraser!


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14 thoughts on “Coffee Sack Chair Cushions……{& The Perils of Being a Ballerina}

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the foot problems you are having. Being chronically ill, I understand that it is no fun when things like this crop up. At least you are trying to put a positive spin on it! I know the it showering is awful as well, poor thing. I will pray that you made a speedy and complete recovery.


  2. Okay, don’t you jus love it when auto correct changes what you typed. . . I MEANT to say “I know the NOT showering is awful. . . “. Sorry about that.

  3. If the magic eraser doesn’t work on the rust try either baking soda or Bar Keepers Friend they both do amazing jobs. I know Bar Keepers Friend will get silverware marks off of dinnerware so maybe it will do the trick. I personally have found in the past that the magic eraser leaves behind a film.


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