Some Favorite Reads……

Magazines are so fun…like a mini vacation or getaway. My form of Calgon!

My very favorite for years was Cottage Living….it is no longer produced. *sigh*

cottage living magazine

Same with Country Home….they only do 4 a year as special publications.

country home magazine

Here are some of my all time favorites that I really enjoy reading……..many are Stampington Publications……they produce wonderful material! I also LOVE the British version of Country Living….such a treat. I wish you could subscribe here in the states.

favorite magazines

I also absolutely LOVE this one…published only 4 times per year.  You can usually get it at Anthropologie or Williams-Sonoma.

kinfolk magazine

And this one is a new one that is neat……based out of Kentucky. You don’t hear of too many magazines being published in Kentucky! {I love Kentucky!}

Folk Magazine

Here’s a new e-book featuring 40 bloggers about decorating your porches for autumn…..guess who is one of the 40 bloggers???  {’s me! You guys are SO good!} You’ll have to check it out…it’s fun!

{Just click on it to be sent to the page…..}

autumn front porches

Do you enjoy looking at/reading magazines?  What are your favorites?



6 thoughts on “Some Favorite Reads……

  1. I am so hooked on decorating magazines. For many years, my sweet husband moved a giant, heavy box of back issues every time we moved. I finally took pity on him and made notebooks from my favorite pics. Much less to move. 🙂
    It irritates me to find a magazine that I love, only to have them stop publication. Oh well, I suppose they can’t go on forever.
    Congratulations on being chosen for the new book! I will have to look for it.

  2. I do miss Country Home and I am grateful it still is published from time to time. Cottage Living was a favorite as well. Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion is another I dearly miss. I was rearranging my bookcase today and found a book by Mary Emmerling I had purchased well over ten years ago. I believe she was affiliated with Country Home. Perhaps Editor? I believe the book was entitled Ameican Country. She was a huge design inspiration for me.

    I am a magazine addict, always looking out for a new one. I buy Traditional Home and House Beautiful, but it’s hard to relate to the the usually overly opulent houses. Always a bit too stuffy. Folk magazine looks interesting. I really enjoyed Flea Market Style and Vintage Style Magazines. Also, Romantic Prairie Style magazine is very well-done. I think these magazines have a lower overhead, giving DIY bloggers the opportunity to be featured, perhaps the bloggers doing most of the heavy-lifting, cutting costs. It’s a win-win situation. But, that’s just an assumption on my part.

    You have a lovely site. Take care!

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