Louis Blue Shelves….

My youngest daughter is 12 and she is constantly designing. When our children turn 13 they get to totally re-do their rooms. She has a 3 ring binder full of product cutouts, colors, samples, ideas, price comparisons, etc. that she continually updates…getting ready for the big room re-do! She can’t wait.

She found these poor little chipboard shelves in our attic….and hauled them down. She had an idea that she wanted to give them an overhaul.

unfinished shelves

They were ugly. She’s really good at seeing past that. She found my Louis Blue ASCP and went to work. She painted them with one coat and then distressed them.

louis blue shelves

I think they turned out great…..and she likes these shelves much better than the ones she had. She calls them her ‘interim shelves’ while she’s waiting to give her whole room an overhaul. 🙂 ha!

louis blue shelves

Have you found anything in the attic or by the side of the road and given it an overhaul with paint before? {You don’t even need to answer that, Bliss, I’d pick you to be my dumpster-diving buddy! ;)}

Happy Monday Tuesday~

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6 thoughts on “Louis Blue Shelves….

  1. Oh, she sounds priceless and sooo creative! What a great reward for a 13 year old. That is when they are beginning to dream about what they wish to be when they grow up! My daughter will be 17 next month and she is an “illustrator”. Tell your daughter she did an outstanding job and “Blue” was a great choice! Wait till she learns Pinterest! She will be pinning her little heart away…..

  2. I found a cedar chest/trunk while visiting family in Florida. The chest was horrid, the lid was rotten and had burgandy plastic stapled all over it. Before I left from vacation, my dad made a new lid, we ditched the plastic, and gave it a good scrub down. Then when I got home, layers of paint, rather tons of paint and a faux finish complete with ferns and butterflies. Now it has a place of honor…I have hidden storage and a coffee table in my sewing room! 😀 Dumpster diving is the best!

  3. She did a great job, it is beautiful. Maybe she can incorporate it into her new room, or redo it again if the color is not right for the new one. ‘Tis true, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    (BUT, as I sometimes tell my daughters when they spout that quote to me, “the nuts can roll a long way”, lol)

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