Self-Portrait Canvases…….

Before we home schooled our children they went to a private classical school here in our area.  As the room mom for their classes one of my responsibilities was to create something for our class to auction off at the annual fundraising auction.

I did that for many years…..but this one was my favorite!

I painted a canvas for each class and used mixed media materials and mediums to add dimension.  The middle of each canvas were blocks with heads and necks that I drew….one for each child.  I had the children sign up for times and come over to draw a self-portrait of themselves on one of the heads.  {My middle daughter’s is the one with the BIG eyelashes.  Cracks. me. up.}  They were in kindergarten when they did this! I named this one “Unrepeatable Miracles”.

self portrait canvases

The ones you see here hang on our upstairs hallway wall…..they were the ‘practice’ canvases for the kids….the larger ones were auctioned off at the auction.  One class canvas was auctioned at $6,000 and the other one for $8,000. Whoa! I think the parents liked them a lot! There was a lot of bidding going on….they both started at $100! {My son’s class was in 3rd grade when they did theirs….my son is the one with the big blue eyes. :)} I named this one “The Chosen”.


I feel blessed to have the ‘practice’ ones hanging on our walls.  The middle canvas is one that I did for our family…..a house with the head of each one of us inside.

These were such fun projects and hold so many great memories. I love to see the individual style of each child.  None of them were intimidated or hesitant about picking up the brushes and drawing their self-portrait.  And each of them were pleased when they were finished. We have so much to learn from children. I love to watch them do art. It’s the best kind. I think they truly see themselves as God sees them.

How would you go about doing a self portrait if asked?? Would you like it, or run like crazy?


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12 thoughts on “Self-Portrait Canvases…….

  1. OMGosh these are SOO cute!! What a fantastic idea! (And yours looks very professional-girl, you can paint! Mine would look like the kids’ version ! 🙂

  2. These are so sweet! We have a long hallway filled with out art from random painting to home schooling projects. I didn’t realize you home school too!

    xoxo, Tanya 🙂

    • Yes, we certainly do! 🙂 We enjoy it lots. It was not our original plan…but God is always reminding us Who is really doing the planning. ha! We started several years ago and really love it. Our oldest graduates this year…can’t believe it!

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