Found Treasures…….


Some stories are just so special they have to be savored. There was a lady that knew me from the time I was a little girl.  She was an artist. She always encouraged me, affirmed me, and was a bright spot to be around.  She was a good friend of my Mom’s.

Fast forward many years and we ended up going to the same church here in our town.  She was good friends with a group of ladies that we all referred to as “The Golden Girls”. They were a hoot.

Years after purchasing Oak Cottage we realized that she lived right here in our neighborhood. Had no idea. We served on prayer teams together for several years.

She died several yeas ago….and is so very missed.

A few months ago one of Handsome’s co-workers purchased a home here in our neighborhood…and when he was describing it I realized that it was Betsy’s home! In fact, they had purchased it from her husband as he was moving into a retirement home.

I told them all about her, how she was an artist and what a neat person she was. And they said…..”Hey, that makes sense with all the stuff we found in the attic that was left behind.”

My ears perked…..”What did you find in the attic?” They said they would bring it to me if I wanted it. I did.

Two of the most special things were this painting/drawing that Betsy had done…..and then her charcoal sticks. They are truly vintage…….95 cents! Wow! Probably purchased in the 60’s. These had been her charcoal sticks for a very long time.

found treasures

I’ve been pondering this lovely work of hers…it’s very different than many of her gorgeous paintings that hang in so many people’s homes…it shows a bit of different side.

found treasures

I would like to do something neat with this special drawing/watercolor. I’m not sure what…..but I hope I can do it justice.

found treasures

And her charcoal sticks….I’ve been using them.  I feel honored that they have been entrusted to me.

found treasures

I know what Betsy would say… her thick, Southern drawl…”Aw, honey, I know you’ll do something wooooooonnnnnddderful with them.” She was an encourager.

found treasures

I’m certainly going to try…..


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