Training is the Opposite of Hoping……

I saw this phrase quite a while ago….I think it is one of Nike’s new slogans. I absolutely love it. Thinking through it….it’s quite a powerful phrase.

training is the opposite of hoping


Training is not only having intention…it’s having a plan and working through it. It’s painful sometimes…but has big payoffs. Good ones. God ones. My word for this year is Intentional. I shared about it here. Intention is only the beginning of training.

We can train for life….or we can sit around and hope. Hope is wonderful…and definitely necessary on our journey; but it sits in the passenger seat and is passive. Training sits in the driver’s seat and does something about what hope got started.

Training for life is not for wimps…it’s tough. Life is so very daily. But I want to rise to the occasion and take all those hopes I have…..and intentionally train for them.

{Even on days like today when I’m in the driver’s seat training and I would like to have a Chinese fire drill and become a passenger for a bit of a break! ha!}

How’s your life training going? Training? Or just hoping?



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