The Fragrance of a Rose…….

My grandmother is 85 years old and lives in a retirement village.  She has not been doing very well for quite a while now and is pretty much constrained to her room. There have been some really dark days for her over the past several months. She is so social and people-oriented and active.

Her retirement home was celebrating their 25th anniversary and wanted a quilt made in honor of their celebration.  They offered the option to do a quilt square to any of the residents that would like to.  My grandmother so wanted to contribute and do a square, but was just not able. So, she asked me to do one for her.

A few months earlier some friends of our family’s from out of town visited my grandmother and said that when looking at her they saw a yellow rose that had a tight bud, but one-by-one petals were falling to the ground.

It reminded me of something that I learned from a master gardener many years ago…..the fragrance of a rose is strongest in the darkest hours of the night. I never knew that….so, when I was going through a really hard time several years ago, and couldn’t sleep, I would go out into the garden in the wee, darkest hours of the night to check and see if this gardener knew what he was talking about. And, he did. I’ve never smelled roses so wonderful…they were the same ones that during the day had a faint, lovely smell….but in those darkest hours their fragrance was amazing!

That has really stuck with me……when we go through our darkest times our fragrance will be the most powerful. I hope my fragrance is lovely. {On some days I know it’s a real stink!}

So, for my grandmother’s quilt square I hand-painted a yellow rose with a few petals falling, and then printed out in a mirror image a sentence and then transferred it onto the square beside the rose.  {Beware…these pictures are horrible! So sorry about that…hope you can still get the idea.}

She loved it!  It now hangs proudly among the many other squares that others contributed.

In case you would like to do your own square, or tea towel, or pillow, etc. with the saying I have it for you right here….or you can click on the picture and print it out.

Fragrantly Yours~

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