New Stuff…..

Happy Monday!

The weekend flew past….whew!

I thought I would share some new stuff that we put in the shop over the weekend.  We’ve just started adding items for Thanksgiving and Christmas….some more fun things will be added in the coming weeks.

I love the Mini French Cafe tabletop chalkboard in red for Christmas….

Some other new colors we’ve added are duck egg blue…..

and vintage white…….

Our autumn and Thanksgiving banners/pennants/bunting are back in the shop, too…….

And we have lots of new tea towels that we’ve been making……..

I would love it if you’d run on over and check it out…..what’s your favorite item?  What is something that you would like to see in the shop?

Just for our readers……use the code: autumn

for 20% off your entire order today through September 23!



2 thoughts on “New Stuff…..

  1. I tried to pick just one favorite and I couldn’t because you have so many lovely items to choose from (hand stamped leather cuffs, beautiful tea towels, those gorgeous mini blackboards, old book bundles, and the list oes on. . . ). My only question is, where were you when I was living in Wilson?! Beautiful shop to match a beautiful person!

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