Bird Feeding……

I hope you all had a super weekend. We are having some lovely autumn weather roll in here… about you? Has autumn arrived where you live or is it still feeling like summer?

Feeding birds is something that we have always done….year round. We enjoy hearing their lovely songs throughout the day and watching them at the feeders.

In our garden we usually use safflower seed because squirrels do not like it and will not have anything to do with it. Β We do offer another seed blend in one squirrel-proof feeder.

We also have several suet feeders all around the yard and garden. Some are hanging and some of nailed to trees. Β All the birds love this! We purchase the suet that is called Hot Pepper Suet….because, once again, the squirrels will not come near it. {Score!}

In the spring during nesting season we hang balls of thread, dryer lint, etc. out and enjoy watching the birds use it to make their nests.

Songbirds LOVE fruit….especially apples and oranges. We try to keep these out year round….and in the summer and fall the butterflies will enjoy these, too.

I thought these were some fun bird feeding ideas…..

Three containers of fruit and dryer lint/thread/nesting material….

bird feeding


Love this chandelier turned bird feeder……

bird feeding


These are very easy to make with peanut butter and birdseed……

bird feeding


This is, too! Just string peanuts on a wire and hang……

bird feeding


If you don’t have a squirrel problem…’s great to offer shelled nuts……

bird feeding


I shared last year about our Squirrels here…….it’s a constant battle!

Do you enjoy feeding birds in your yard/garden?

Happy Monday~


9 thoughts on “Bird Feeding……

  1. we feed the birds here daily too! we have some that have come for quite awhile, and we have some favorites! we have 8 doves who hang out here…they are so sweet and gentle…and we have a mockingbird who thinks he rules the yard…and of course all the sweet sparrows…we also have a couple of squirrels who have been around for about a year…have not caused any problems so far…i just love watching all these little creatures hang out in our yard! and i love to see them waiting on the wires for me to fill the birdseed plates up for them! great reminder to us of the verse regarding the Lord taking care of the sparrows, so we have nothing to worry about as to whether He is taking care of us!

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