Fun Autumn Find ::: Green Acorns

Last year when we had the disaster…..the 150 foot oak tree that fell onto our cottage during a hurricane……we started finding the neatest things all over our yard.

I guess I always knew that acorns were green while they were still growing…and not yet “ripe”. {Do acorns get ‘ripe’?} Well, you know…….

oak acorn

But usually when they started falling all over the yard and hitting us on the head {we are completely convinced that the squirrels actually are THROWING them at our heads!}…they are usually a lovely brown or, like this year, almost black. And, of course, we use them to decorate for autumn and for all kinds of other neat things.

oak acorn

But last year, all over our garden and yard, we had these fun little green acorns. We gathered them up and put them in containers. They were a fun bright spot to look at during all the arduous cleanup and repairs.

oak acorn

Aren’t they fun!?  Brown little caps and bright lime green bodies. {Do acorns have bodies?} I’m obviously NOT well-versed in acorns. Seeing as how this IS Cottage in the Oaks…and our home is named Oak Cottage…..I better get with it!

oak acorn

Even though I don’t have tons of acorn knowledge…..every time I see them they remind me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow.”

Living in a home surrounded by huge oak trees….and seeing their strength and stamina….and then looking at these tiny acorns and realizing that this is how they started is encouraging. God has put in this little acorn everything it needs to become a mighty oak….even though it doesn’t look like it… has all it needs to turn into a towering tree. One of the strongest.

Big things start with small ideas. Small steps. Bits of intention. A little thought. A small gesture. One little step forward…….

Today that is what these little green acorns are reminding me…….

God has put everything I need within me, all I need to do is act on the small ideas and take a small step forward……

You, too.

What small little ideas are you feeling a nudge to act upon?



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