Just a Few Things I Like…….

There’s a lot of things that I like….but some things are very consistent. I’ve always been drawn to them for most of my life.

I love luggage.



I find myself constantly in the luggage section of stores.  Even though I have tons of luggage, I thoroughly enjoy looking at it and imagining. I don’t need to buy anymore….I have every style and size imaginable.  Ones to fit my every need. So, I’m not really shopping, just drawn to the luggage section to wander.

I think I’m drawn to luggage because when I see it it says “ADVENTURE!” I love to travel and head out on new journeys and adventures.  So, I’m drawn to pictures of luggage, luggage, luggage departments in stores……other people’s luggage……

I also love signs.




They tell you things. You know, things you need to know. {Or things that you really didn’t need to know…..but make you laugh.}



I think we are always looking for signs…..and love it when we receive them.  Praying for answers, looking for signs.  Lost our direction, looking for signs.

The power of words are immeasurable…..spoken and written.

Yep, signs. I love ’em!

I also love doors.



They go places. They peak my curiosity. They can keep me safe or give me freedom. They symbolize opportunity or a safe haven. And I always want to know what is on the other side. They can be inviting or repelling. They can be open or locked shut.

While in NYC last week with my son he got a kick out of me stopping all the time to take pictures of doors.  He finally got to the place that he would point out unusual and neat doors for me to see.  {Bingo! *wink* *wink* I got him looking for doors, too!}

Doors lead to new places and to cozy, familiar ones.

What are some things that you love and that have special meanings to you? Maybe things you have always been drawn to for much of your life….or something you’ve just discovered?

Opening doors, unpacking luggage, and seeing the sign of lots of laundry to do……..


2 thoughts on “Just a Few Things I Like…….

  1. I am a fellow lover of travel and adventure, and signs. I enjoyed the ones you found. One of my favorites is a homemade sign near my house that is on a telephone pole. It says “Joes Tavern Open A lot Closed a Little” I have yet to find Joes Tavern, depsite my desperate attempts.

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