A Mantel Through the Year ……

Yaw. I’m starving. For the past year my metabolism has just been not up to par and I am on a special liquid-only diet for 14 days…..

Ugh. It’s not a weight-loss thing….it’s a re-boot my system thing. My energy has just been so low for quite a while, and even though it’s only been about a week I do feel a big difference in my energy level. Yay!

BUT……this past weekend we went to a college football game.

I watched everyone have popcorn. I didn’t have any.

{But I had energy! *fake smile through gritted teeth*}

I watched everyone drink yummy drinks. I didn’t have any.

{But I had energy! *fake smile through gritted teeth*}

I’ve watched everyone eat yummy food…and I haven’t had any.

{But I had energy! *fake smile through gritted teeth*}

My daughter’s birthday is this weekend and I will bake her a cake.

But I won’t have any.

{But I had energy! *BIG fake smile through gritted teeth*}

Yaw. {When I’m stressed, irritated, or famished I fall into my deep, southern vernacular. Think ‘Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood’.}

I looked at my beautiful children today and they looked so juicy and succulent.  For a brief moment I wanted to eat them. When I eyed Handsome he quickly found something to do……….. outside. The cute little blonde toddler in front of me at the football game had a big bucket of popcorn and I had the overwhelming urge to knock her off the bleacher and take her bucket and run!

This is bad. Withholding popcorn and yummy food from me has brought out great evils.

Pray for me…..I have 9 more days. {And then 6 weeks of only one meal per day….}

But, it will be worth it if my normal energy level will return. I just hope I don’t do anything that lands me in prison before I get through it!

OK. OK. I was looking back through some pictures and thought it would be fun to share our Year of Mantels. I think it’s great to look back through pictures and review in retrospect. Funny, some of them I don’t even like! ha! You can tell when we decided to paint the mantel with ASCP in Old White….it looks so much more bright. So glad we did that.

Here’s the year in retrospect:

Summer 2011

Fall/Thanksgiving 2011

Christmas 2011

I really don’t like this one at all. I must have been having an off day…..I was just a week out of surgery, maybe the anesthesia hadn’t worn off yet. It looks a bit hallucinatory.

Spring 2012

Summer 2012

Autumn 2012

ways to decorate a mantle

I’ll do better this Christmas, I promise! 😉 {Unless I’m still not having food…and then there’s no telling WHAT my mantel will look like. It might have a bite taken out of it!}

You can see all the mantel posts here….at A Year of Mantels

Happy Monday~

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