25 Things {No. 3} ::: Atlanta Version

German dough bowls

1.  I spent last week in Atlanta while No. 1 Son was in China. {I’ll share more about that later!}

2. Handsome, me, and the girls took my Mom, aka “Grammy” along with us. This always makes trips a little on the wild side. {After all, she is the daughter of my leopard-underwear-wearing grandmother. ;)}

3. I was so excited to get to go to the Country Living Fair! I’ve wanted to go for years and finally made it. It was well worth the trip.

4. I may or may not have come home with a car full of German dough bowls, French crated wine jugs, vintage ledger sheets, and various other fun things.

5. Handsome has family {aka Nanna & Poppa} in Atlanta…so we enjoyed visiting with them and taking them along to the fair. Grams was there, also…..so the grandparents outnumbered us all!

6. While at said fair Nanna mentioned how beautiful the mums were……so, Grammy {my mom} kept asking around to see if she could buy any.

7. Now, keep in mind that Grammy is in one of those little scooter things because she has had hip-replacement and has trouble walking for long periods of time. She leaves us in the dust! {You really should have to have a license for those……it can be life or death for those NOT on one!}

8. The rest of us go to the car at the end of the day and Handsome and his dad {Poppa} walk with Grammy to take her little scooter back.

9. On the way out Grammy sees a lady walking out with gorgeous mums and asked where she got them….she was going to surprise Nanna with a fun gift.

10. We have learned to start sensing at this point that something is about to happen that is akin to an “I Love Lucy” episode.

11. The lady said…”Oh, they’re giving them away for free in there!”

12. Grammy and Poppa get eye sparkles….Handsome shakes his head.

13. Poppa walks into the MAIN display area ….. the gorgeous, set-up, main shelter/meeting place of the whole Country Living Fair….yes, the famous magazine….. You know……the SHOWCASE area. Yep.

14. He said….”Nanna will love these!” Picked up two huge mums and walked back to Grammy & Handsome.

15. They begin their trek back to the scooter place….Grammy scooting sputtering along, Poppa and Handsome toting huge mums.

16. The battery dies.

17. It’s all uphill from there on. So, Poppa and Handsome with huge mums in one hand use the other hand to PUSH Grammy on the scooter the rest of the way. It is at the is time that Poppa, the retired high-level head honcho, says: “You know, I think we might have stolen these mums.” {This would be in between grunts.} Handsome begins praying….and I feel sure it started with ‘Lord, help us!’ And then ‘….for we know not what we do!’

18. They became desperate, tried to take a shortcut. Men with mums, especially stolen, become temporarily insane and lose all sense of direction.

19. They turned into what they thought would be a shortcut….because they could feel the hernias beginning.

20. It just so happened to be the one-way street for the Duck Mobiles at Stone Mountain Park. They were full of people.

21. As the families on the Duck Mobiles looked out their window and saw two men with giant mums in one hand pushing a lady flailing her hands and arms dressed in a zebra coat in a scooter uphill……well, they did what anyone on vacation and seeing such a sight would do. They all got out their cameras and took pictures.

22. Meanwhile me, the girls, Nanna, and Grams were pleasantly driving to meet them….with dough bowls, wine jugs, etc. hanging out windows and crammed anywhere they could be crammed. {A perfectly normal sight coming from the Country Living Fair!}

23. Finally the guys and Grammy crest the hill…..cram two huge mums in the car and between puffs let us know that they think they might have taken the wrong ones. Great. Now I’m an accessory.

24. We load 8 people, German dough bowls, French crated wine jugs, various ephemera, and the two probable stolen mums into the car and are stopped by the police. He said “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but you can’t park in the loading zone.” I said “Yes sir!”, floored it and got out of there!

25. Probably looking like the modern-day Beverly Hillbillies…..we headed home. You know, it’s hard raising parents and grandparents, sometimes you just feel like you can’t take them anywhere! 😉

Happy Monday~

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6 thoughts on “25 Things {No. 3} ::: Atlanta Version

  1. What a fun trip to CL… surely the memories will last longer than the stolen mums! Thanks for the great story, you just started my day with a chuckle! t.xoxo

  2. LOL!! I almost fell out of my chair reading this story 🙂 I have a small dough bowl from a German friend of mine – it’s one of my treasured possessions. I’ve actually never used it to make bread – I guess I need lessons!

    • Oh, how special! I absolutely LOVE German dough bowls….they usually cost several hundreds of dollars and they are beginning to be hard to find. Hold on to yours! 🙂 I think they used the dough bowls to mix and then allow the bread to rise in them. {I’ve never used mine for bread, either! :)}

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