College Visits and Paperwhites!

Hellooooooo! Happy Monday! The weekend went by just too fast!  We are in the midst of college visits and college applications, etc., etc., etc.  Those of you that have already done this know the deal…but those of you that haven’t… is a FULL TIME job!  No. 1 Son has been hard at work with applications, essays, visit appointments, and we did what I think is our last college visit this weekend. It was fun.  His interests and passions are still varied at this point….International Relations/Foreign Affairs {he just returned from 10 days in China last week!}, Law, Med School……big decisions await him! It will be exciting and fun to see how God’s plans for him unfold. To say the least…he is a joy and we love being his parents. Never ceases to amaze me the incredible things that God can package in a human. 🙂 And what an honor to be entrusted to nurture and oversee….

This weekend we also planted paperwhites….for us and for gifts. I shared last year about this time a little How To…..and thought since this is the perfect time of year to plant them and enjoy them throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’d share it again.

Have you ever planted paperwhites before?

Here’s the How-To:


Now is the time to plant paperwhites…..

Each year at this time we begin planting paperwhite bulbs in all sorts of containers.

Any container will work..paperwhite bulbs have all that they need within in them to grow, so it is super easy.

You can plant them in pebbles….any sort. Or, you can plant them in potting soil if you wish.

This past weekend we did both.

Depending on where you plant them…they will bloom within 4-6 weeks.

So, we planted our first batch this weekend….and we will continue to plant them every other weekend between now and Christmas.

This ensures that from right after Thanksgiving….all the way through January that we have paperwhites blooming in the house!

I love it!  They smell wonderful….and are a treat to have inside. {They also do well outside, if you have a covered porch.}

Here’s how you do it:

1. Purchase paperwhite bulbs from your local garden center or nursery {they are usually around .99 each.}

2. Gather the containers you would like to plant in….my favorites are vintage silver bowls!

3. Fill your container with small pebbles or  potting soil.

4.  Nestle in your planting medium.

5. Water just a bit and place in a bright spot in your home.

6.  Give them just a bit of water each week…they dont’ need a lot.

These make GREAT gifts for neighbors, teachers, friends, etc.  If you will be giving them for gifts…..wait until closer to the end of November to plant them.

Even if you plan to plant your paperwhites later this month….go ahead and buy them and store them in your refrigerator.  Many places sell out of them very quickly.

By storing them in the refrigerator it will keep them from growing before you are ready to plant them.  I keep them in the back of a drawer.

Have Fun!


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6 thoughts on “College Visits and Paperwhites!

  1. I’ve never tried growing paperwhites before but you have inspired me to try! I have some great little silver bowls like yours~so off I go to find some bulbs to buy. Thanks for the post and blessings to your son as he prepares for his college life!

  2. I just purchased one at a little shop on Monday. It is already leafed up about 2 inches. What do you do with the bulbs after they are blooming? Can they be saved until next year? Do they multiply? Are they strictly a winter blooming bulb? I am excited to watch mine grow…….they are so pretty.

    • Pat~

      Sometimes you can allow them to turn yellow and die back, store them in the refrigerator or freezer until next fall and try planting them again. I have never been able to get that to work. I know here in Eastern NC you can’t plant them in the ground….I don’t think it gets cold enough here. They do multiply as other bulbs, but I’ve always had to treat them like an annual and enjoy them inside for the winter season and them put them in the compost pile. I know you will enjoy them! 🙂 Blessings!

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