NYC Recap {Day 1}

A few weeks ago No. 1 Son and I took a fun trip to New York City.  He had only been when he was very young…..2 and 4, and it was a super quick pass-through.  This was his first official visit to The Big Apple.  A place that is near and dear to my heart. 🙂

I thought I would take a day each week over the next few weeks and share some of our highlights….it won’t be everything that we did, but I’ll try to hit the hot spots.

We left super early in the morning…my favorite time to fly because here on the East coast of the US it means that you will be able to watch the sunrise from above. Just stunning…every time. I never get tired of it.

After dropping off our bags at the hotel it was only 7:30am….and we headed to Grand Central Station to catch the subway to lower Manhattan.

I love the architecture and design here….isn’t this ticket window gorgeous!?

Our first stop was Battery Park where we had a NYC pretzel for breakfast.  The pigeons joined us. It’s a bit of a sobering spot……where the Orb is now standing as a memorial to 9/11. It used to be shiny…a perfect orb that sat in the courtyard between the two towers. Many times I had sat in the courtyard where it was located and had lunch. The Eternal Flame burns just next to it.

We hopped on the ferry and headed out to the Statue of Liberty…..long may she stand! She was just reopened after a lengthy renovation and restoration.  You can now go all the way up to crown once again. This lovely lady is the first thing immigrants would see as they entered the harbor……their hope swelled. They had arrived.

I loved the ironwork on the tables at the outside cafe…..oak leaves and acorns! I think we need one of these here at Oak Cottage!

Ellis Island was our next stop…I could stand and look at these trunks left by immigrants at the turn of the century for hours……soaking in the many stories that they hold. If they could talk….I’d love to sit and listen. We found both sides of our family in the registries.

Here is the grand registry hall….every immigrant waited here to be called. An anxious place to be….would they be allowed to stay or not? Check out the tiled ceilings.

We spent some time at the 9/11 Memorial. Hard to put into words how it felt being there. There are two large fountains that stand in the footprints of the North Tower and the South Tower. The water pours into a deep hole in the center. The names of all who perished on that day are carved around the sides. The Survivor Tree has been replanted in a special spot.  I love the story of this tree. It suffered greatly on 9/11 and all thought it was lost; but a group dug it up and took it to a nursery/greenhouse and nurtured it for years. It was a mere 8 feet tall on the day of the 9/11 attacks……today it stands over 30 feet and is flourishing.  You can read about it here.

There are already residents in the new Freedom Tower 1……#2 is well on its way, too.

This fireman’s helmet at the 9/11 Museum was very touching to me. My dad is a retired fire chief.  This helmet, worn by a chief that was injured was handed to another fireman as the injured fireman was being taken out of the tower. It ended up saving the other fireman’s life.

On that horrible day……two strong towers that had withstood much, literally melted.

Trinity Church served as a hospital on 9/11….it is also the church in the movie National Treasure.  Behind Trinity is the infamous Occupy-ers….still occupying. We had to step over them to get down the sidewalk.

And right across from there is the New York Stock Exchange.

We headed uptown after exploring all over lower Manhattan and went to the top of the Empire State Building. {If you’ve never been to NYC…it’s just something you have to do. There are other spots with better views….but you just have to go to the top of the ESB once.}

No. 1 Son’s wallet fell apart…so we headed into Macy’s…the world’s largest department store to get a new one.  One of my favorite parts of Macy’s is the still useable wooden escalator……….love it!

Walking up Broadway from Macy’s and Herald Square we headed into Times Square after dinner to see a show. This once seedy place has been very cleaned up in the past decade. It’s still a crazy place….but much different than it was prior to 9/11. The energy is palpable….and I LOVE it!

Les Miserables….will always hold a special spot. This gold medallion is encased in the sidewalk in front of the Broadhurst Theatre. It closed in 2008. COME BACK LES MIZ!!!

We had tickets to the fairly new musical “Nice Work if You Can Get It” with Matthew Broderick. All George and Ira Gershwin tunes……it was a fun show. But I have to admit that I’m not very good at sitting in the audience. I’ve always been the one on stage…and I don’t really like being in the audience.  No. 1 Son kept telling me to be still. humph!

Just a few of the highlights from our first day…….it was a full 18 hours, and we crashed!

I’ll share some from day 2 next week.  I have taken each one of our children to NYC individually….and had so much fun. It is a different trip each time because they each have different things they are interested in and want to do. We love to travel as a family…but I also love to take then one-on-one and have fun adventures.

How about you? Have you ever traveled with your children one-on-one?

Have a super day….and DON’T FORGET TO ENTER TO WIN THE AWESOME MOEN SHOWER FAUCET!!! The winner will be announced Friday evening! You can enter here.

Happy day~


4 thoughts on “NYC Recap {Day 1}

  1. You are getting me excited! I leave in a few weeks and will be staying in Times Square. How is it there after the flooding? Anything off limits? NYC has to be one of my favorite places. The energy is tremendous! I love taking my children one on one to places. It gives me a chance to immerse myself in the things they love to do. These are memories that they will have forever. This time I will be going with friends. It will be different but I traveled with my daughter (theatre girl) in January so I don’t feel too bad. Can’t wait to read more. Have fun!!

  2. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures of your trip to NY. I haven’t been there in years as we live ” way out west.” Looking forward to more highlights from your trip.

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