Thanksgiving Traditions

Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions?

Over the years as the kids have grown we have special books that we used to read each Thanksgiving…and many we still do.

We also start our Thankful Boxes on November 1st…you can read about them here.

Of course there is the Turkey and all the trimmings……

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…….

And seeing who gets the wishbone…….

We also have fun with decorations and doing fun things with our table settings, add some special trivia to our dinners in the evening, and like to make little bags of treats for each person that will be at the Thanksgiving table at my parents’ house.

Here are some fun Thanksgiving printables that I shared last year.

If you live in the US…….what are some neat traditions that you and your family  have for Thanksgiving?

Feeling blessed and thankful…..


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. When I was younger we used to watch the parade together (mom, dad, and I) and I would help my mom cook. After my parent’s divorced I went to my dad to watch it. Then when I got married my husband worked thanksgiving AM so I watched alone for a couple years while cooking. Two years ago my Dad moved in with us (he is paralized as his old home became unsafe) and now he is back to watch it with me. We also go around the table and take turns saying different parts of our prayer including our blessings. We also read certiain verses out of the Bible that are about being thankful. This year my in-laws are in town so as usual thing are in constant change 😉

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