Ever Wonder Friday {No. 10} & My Brain Disorder…..

Well, I found out yesterday on Pinterest that  I have a brain disorder. Did you know that if you get angry hearing someone breathe or eat that it is a brain disorder called Misophonia? WELL!!! I laughed out loud…..that is so me. Hahahahaha! You know, I really think that they could come up with better names…if you’re going to have a disorder it would be much more fun to have a creative name to go with it. Like:


Misophonia????!!!  Buuuhhhhh-laaaahhhhhh.


1.  How do you nourish your soul?

2. Are you willing to continually dance with life?

3. How do you want to be remembered?

4. What if you looked for the good in every situation and everyone?

5. Will you ever really know how brave you truly are?

Happy Weekend, Friends!


4 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Friday {No. 10} & My Brain Disorder…..

  1. OMG, you just diagnosed both my daughter and myself. Oh wait? Is it still a disorder if the only one she can’t stand to hear chew is her brother? And when the dog breaths loud it doesn’t bother me a bit but I’m fit to be tied when it’s my husband. So between the two of us we each have half the disorder.


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