NYC Recap {Day 2}

So, I spent 4 hours at the DMV yesterday so my Beautiful Middle could get her permit.  The testing computers were down. While we were waiting, who walks in but Billy Joe Bob! If you don’t know who that is…read this post and you’ll know! Lord, help me!

We are getting ready to have the farmhouse sink installed in our kitchen…woohoo!  Guess who will be installing it and up-fitting the cabinetry? #16 & #17 of this post.

It’s surely a small world. And this week I feel as though it is closing in on me.

Here is Day 2 of my adventure with No. 1 Son in New York City…..

I love St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I have a bit of history here. I was in a special service, and during the prayer I dropped my candle and caught a piece of carpet on fire. While everyone else was being spiritual I was trying to stomp out flames so I wouldn’t go down in history as being the one that burned the largest cathedral built in America down. I was very pleased to visit it this time and find that the carpet has FINALLY been removed. Up until now every time I went I could visit my burn spot! humph.

Aren’t these doors incredible?

Just a block away we headed into Rockefeller Plaza.

And, of course, we had to get on the Today Show….our family back home enjoyed seeing us be cheesy in the crowd. 😉

The Anthropologie at Rockefeller Plaza is my very favorite one in the whole U.S.!

Some of the best views in the city can be found at Top of the Rock. This was a gorgeous autumn day and it was beautiful on all four sides.  {If you’ve never been to the top of the Empire State Building….you still have to go. It’s like an unwritten rule or something. But for the best views….be sure to go to Top of the Rock.}

Beautiful Central Park…..The Plaza just left of center….

Looking down into Lower Manhattan…..

Lower Manhattan…..the new Freedom Tower in the very back…..

Next we headed to the NBC Studios….to take a visit to the stages. On the way to the Saturday Night Live stage there was this fun ‘living wall’.  All of these plants were living. Wouldn’t that be fun to have on a deck or patio?

{You can’t take pictures of the studio sound stages….so I don’t have any fun ones to share with you. Bummer.}

Next we headed to Hell’s Kitchen. This used to be one of the roughest areas of NYC.  Years ago it was so infested with gangs that gang members outnumbered police officers in this area 10,000 to 1. This is the area that West Side Story was based upon. In the past when I was in NYC this area was avoided by anyone that had any sense. You knew as soon as you had made the mistake to turn the wrong corner, or cross into Hell’s Kitchen. Today it is a flourishing artsy neighborhood with bakeries and apartments…it is a sought after area to live in. It still has a bit of an edgy feel….but a fun place to explore. {Those of you that know me well, know that I like edgy. ;)}

Hell’s Kitchen is the home of Donna Bell’s Bake Shop….owned by “Abby” {Pauley Perrette} from NCIS fame. She named the bakery after her mom. We stopped to have a snack. It’s a southern bakery…and it was delicious; except we do need to teach them how to make Sweet Tea. 😉 Sweet Tea is neeevvah, nevah, neeeeeeevaaaaaahhhhhhh instant. Always brewed. Always.


Some apartments in Hell’s Kitchen that have been renovated and brought back to their original glory days…….

We then headed down to Greenwich Village. A great place to spend the afternoon. Greenwich Village is home to Washington Square Park…..made well-known by the beatniks that have called it home since the 60’s…this is also the park in which Bobby Fischer played chess. We spent a lot of time in Washington Square Park visiting and talking to people. It sits pretty much in the center of NYU {New York University}. I love visiting with people here. I always learn a lot……

You can find a bit of everything in this park….here’s the bird man……

And one of the chess tables in the park that Bobby Fischer played upon daily…..they are still filled with people playing chess, and conning, and winning, and losing……they tried to get us to play…but chess is just not my game. I offered to play Uno….

They didn’t go for it.

NYU pretty much surrounds the park and makes up most of Greenwich Village….along with the wonderful shops, cafes, bakeries, etc……

I love this emergency call box on Bleecker St. in the village…….it is from the turn of the century and is still used…….

After we explored the village’s every street and nook and cranny and had a great Mexican meal we headed to Blue Man Group. I’ve seen them many times, but No. 1 Son had never been to a performance. He had a blast. If you have never gone…make a point to go sometime in your life. It not so much a performance as an experience.

Our Blue Man that visited with us after the show…….

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

I’m thankful for you guys hanging out with me a few minutes each day….



4 thoughts on “NYC Recap {Day 2}

  1. I am counting the days! Love to visit all these places. The Blue Man Group is one of my favorites also. Me and my son saw them in Universal Studios Orlando together. What about night life? Not sure what or where to go. I usually just see shows…my favorite thing to do.

    • Deneen~ I know you can’t wait! There is so much to do….wonderful places to eat or shows to see at night. There’s also the Brooklyn Night Bazaar that hosts over 200 artists and vendors. You would love that! Check to see if it is open while you’re there. I think it is. 🙂 Have fun!

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