NYC Recap {Day 3}

By day 3 of mine and No. 1 Son’s trip to NYC we had gotten all of our ‘must see’ list checked off for the most part….and we just started wandering. {I made sure we wandered to wonderful places! :)} There’s so much to see, experience, and do in this great city….and it was fun sharing some of my favorite parts with him.

We headed up 5th Avenue…..Bergdorf Goodman loves to wrap itself up.  At Christmas they are entirely wrapped in red ribbon and bows.

With No. 1 Son being an Apple NUT….we couldn’t pass up going to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue.  It is open 24 hours a day, it looks like a cube of glass sitting on the sidewalk and you have to descend down in the glass ‘tube’ to get to it. It’s our favorite Apple Store. {You can see The Plaza peaking up outside……}

Right behind the Apple Store is F.A.O. Scharwz! Such an incredibly fun place…for all ages! It is a toy store like no other….

The giant piano…..made famous in the movie Big with Tom Hanks. You can take one home for a mere $25,000. We thought about it…but, you know, the whole ‘getting it on the plane’ thing…….

The Plaza….love to go here and have Creme Brûlée. It is the best!

Eloise has her own oil painting in one of the main hallways…..

The lobby…..

One of the entrances to Central Park……

Benches line the walkways…..Central Park is a beautiful place….a respite from the city. It is such a stark contrast to what it is in the middle of……

The Sheep Meadow…..this is the shot seen most in movies and TV shows when Central Park is used….

Strawberry Fields…..
John Lennon Memorial next to Strawberry Fields…….it is cleaned off almost daily. 
The Dakota…..the home of John Lennon, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, etc.  Many more famous people live here. In order for someone to buy a home in The Dakota the residents have to ‘vote them in’ and approve of them.  When Madonna wanted to buy a home here they would not let her. ha!

Entrance gate to The Dakota…..

The doorway in which John Lennon was shot many years ago……

Beautiful Brownstones in Central Park West…..don’t these make you think of The Huxtables?

Tavern on the Green is being restored after falling into great disrepair over the past several years. It will be a treat to be able to go here once again and eat. It’s located inside Central Park.

Columbus Circle…..the Trump Tower clock right outside Trump Tower…

After heading out of Central Park and having lunch in Columbus Circle…people watching….we headed to Lincoln Center. My heart actually beats differently in this part of town. I love it. It’s like home……

Juilliard…..a place of intense hard work and many hard knocks.

Carnegie Hall….. No. 1 Son loved just being inside. He is a concert violinist, so this was a special place to him. There are three different stages inside this grand hall….with performances simultaneously going on at all times.

After enjoying our time at Lincoln Center, Juilliard, and Carnegie Hall we hopped on the subway and headed down to Chinatown…….

And Little Italy…….

Hand-rolled cigars on Mulberry Street in Little Italy……

We had dinner at Lombardi’s Pizzaria…..America’s first pizzeria. It opened in the 1800’s.

In the state of New York all arraignments, etc. must be open to the public. So, since No. 1 Son is very interested in law and criminal studies we spent the night at the NYC Criminal Court Building watching and observing the felony arraignments. They start at 5:00pm and go until 1:00am. Non-stop. It is unbelievable. We only stayed a few hours and then headed out…’s not the greatest place to be super late at night. Especially when you realize that you are leaving the building with some of the people that just got off on bail….and you know what they did! Chinatown is not the best place to be after 10 or 11, either…and the criminal court building is located in Chinatown. We headed out around 9:30 to catch the subway.

I want to say it was a very entertaining night…..and in many ways it was; but it was also very sad.  I got to sit next to the people being brought in…shackled, handcuffed, destitute. I got to look them in the eye. Some were steely-eyed….some were hollow. Most were very definitely deeply wounded. Most had done horrible things. I’m big on justice….and it was easy to have the attitude ‘get rid of ’em’, ‘lock them up forever’, etc…….but I’m also a “fixer”, and I wanted to look so many of them in the eye and tell them that this is not what they were made for…..they were a treasure and God has great plans for them, but they are missing it. I wanted to tell them that they were made for better than this.

It was a powerful night to say the least. It was great for my son to see real life law being practiced. Not glamorized by TV, etc. Lives were being greatly affected that night….including ours.





8 thoughts on “NYC Recap {Day 3}

  1. This has been a blast. A prelude to my trip, You got me excited. I had been to most of these places but never get tired. NYC truly is the best city! I have been trying to decide what to do at night when I get there. I will see a show for sure. Looks like you both had a blast! I love the Plaza too! I had tea there last time I went! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  2. Daune, thank you for your virtual tour of New York. I haven’t been there in many years and have never visited some of the places that you spoke about in your emails/blogs. I told my husband the other day that we’ll have to go back because I’d love to see a Broadway show, something that we’ve never done. We may even have to make a mini vacation/getaway and spend the night too! Your pictures were great, again, thank you.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Theresa! Yes! You two should do that….it would be wonderful! I would highly suggest going to see Wicked….it is just fabulous. One of our favorite places to stay is the Doubletree Metropolitan. It is a great location…you can walk to just about anywhere, and the subway is right across the street, if needed. 🙂 I hope you two get to go and have fun! 😉

  3. Thank you again for taking us along! I appreciate you leaving me behind when you went into that glass tube, no amount of money would have gotten me in that thing! Loved the views of Central Park, and I am all over the Creme Brulee. I can imagine how distressing the court cases were. Really makes one think, does it not? I am so glad you got to have this marvelous trip!

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