European Christmas Markets…….

I have always wanted to go to Europe during Christmas…especially when the Christmas Markets open. It is the most incredible site……all over Europe these seasonal, gorgeous outdoor markets pop up in town centers and edges. Many of them are small, wooden structures that are just for Christmas Market.

There’s wonderful food, ciders, Christmas decorations, etc.  A bit of everything Christmas. It’s like stepping into Santa’s workshop/village at the North Pole.

This is definitely on my list!  I thought I would share some pictures with you……

The market in Dresden…..



Germany (Deutschland)…..

















If you would like to see more fun pics of Christmas Markets…feel free to visit my Christmas Market Pinterest Board here.

Has anyone ever been to the Christmas Markets in Europe?  I’d love to hear about it!

We are readying the cottage for our big, annual Christmas Party coming up this weekend! Between baking and greenerying I will be trying to coax all the dust bunnies out of hiding.

AND….today we are having our farmhouse sink installed!  Woohoo! I. can. not. wait.

Too much goodness. I could pass out from giddyness.

Smelling salts anyone?


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