Christmas Mantel {2012}

Last year our mantel was a little crazy…..must have been leftover anesthesia from my surgery. ugh. It appeared to be a bit psychedelic! ha!

This year I wanted to use the creche that was my grandmother’s. She had given it to me years ago; but this year I wanted to feature it a bit more. This will be our first Christmas without her. This creche used to always hold a special place each year at her house…and I had fun growing up playing with it…winding the little music box on the side. You may not be able to see it in the picture {these pictures aren’t super great…this is THAT AREA in my home that eludes good photography. humph. I’ll figure it out one day} BUT, there is a rooster also looking at Baby Jesus. When I was little I decided that Jesus would have had a rooster along with all the other animals… I found one in my toys and added it. My grandmother always kept it there. We get some interesting comments about it over the years…..usually something like, “Uhhhhhh, ooooommmmm, did you know that there is a rooster in your nativity?”

I just always reply with, “Of course! Doesn’t yours have one?”


christmas mantel

We also used our nutcracker made out of olive wood from the Holy Land…..

nutcracker on mantel

Grain sack stockings made from antique European red-striped grain sacks and stenciled with our initials…….

grain sack stockings

Oh yeah! I forgot about the turkey. Funny… youngest added the turkey when she was tiny because she didn’t want the rooster to get lonely. The ‘rocks’ over to the right are actual frankincense and myrrh from Israel.

creche on mantel2012 mantelgrain sack stocking

I hope you all are having a great week! The farmhouse sink was put in today and I can’t wait to show you….it is gor. geeee. uuuus.

Merry, Merry~


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17 thoughts on “Christmas Mantel {2012}

  1. Love the “extras” in the nativity scene! My niece always played with ours when she was little and after she went home (next door!) we always discovered Baby Jesus on the roof! Love the little ones! I’m sure your Grandma would love your mantel~

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