Our Mistletoe Story…..

Mistletoe is big at our house….and even though most people would think mistletoe is fun and they enjoy it as part of their Christmas decoration…..there’s a reason that it’s a big deal around here.

Handsome and I had been friends and dance partners for quite a while. I had listened and  advised him with his girl issues…..and he had listened to me with my guy issues. We were good friends. I don’t know exactly when it officially turned into more than ‘just friends’….but it definitely did on one particular night.

Handsome asked me to stay after rehearsal to work on a new lift for the choreography we were working on at the time. A pas de deux had been choreographed by the artistic director of our company…just for us. It was entitled Moonlight Waltz. Here’s a pic of us  rehearsing it……..


I think the artistic director knew something that I {or we} didn’t…….he must have seen something that neither of us were acknowledging yet.

So, I agreed to stay after rehearsal and work on the lift. When we finished working Handsome walked over to his dance bag and pulled out a very squooshed piece of mistletoe that he had, earlier in the day, climbed up a tree to get.

I blushed and blinked and even giggled. And stupidly asked him what it was for…..I mean, after all, this was my good friend…why would he bring mistletoe??? {duh-uh}

He quickly put it back in his dance bag..almost embarrassed and then informed me that his car was broken down {he had a classic mustang that seemed to constantly have trouble} and asked could I give him a ride home.

Of course I did.

In his driveway as I looked over at him to say goodnight…..it happened. The most incredible kiss…..the firework and tingly kind.  That mistletoe might have been squooshed, but it was powerful!

When he got out of the car and we went our separate ways…….it had only been 1 or 2 minutes, but time seemed to stop……neither of us could sleep that night.

So, that’s when we say that we both acknowledged that we were more than friends.

We still  have that exact piece of squooshed mistletoe. We preserved it and attached it to a frame. It hangs on our wall to this day….as a reminder of the night that it all changed and a new chapter was begun…….

mistletoe mistletoe 2

So, each year Handsome and No. 1 Son go out on their annual mistletoe hunt. They bring back HUGE balls that we hang in our home…..and gallons of extra that we put on our front porch in galvanized wash tubs to give out to visitors and friends.

What about your story? When did it all change?

Underneath the mistletoe~



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