Christmas Croutons {Recipe}…..

As part of our annual, big Christmas Dinner we always have some sort of salad. I also like to make homemade croutons…they are so easy; and, since it’s Christmas, it’s fun to make them in fun shapes. {You can use any mini cookie cutters to make shaped croutons any time during the year.  We use hearts in February, clover in the spring, etc.}

Here’s what you need:

small cookie cutters

bread of your choice..sandwich bread work great

melted butter

Italian seasoning

Here’s How Ya Do It:

Using the mini cutters….cut as many croutons out of each piece of bread that you possibly can. I can usually get at least 5-6 croutons from each slice of bread.

christmas croutons making christmas croutons

Lay out your lovely little creations on a cookie sheet….

christmas croutons 2

Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with Italian seasoning…..

baking christmas croutons

Bake at 325 for about 10 minutes..or until they begin to brown. Allow to fully cool and then they can be stored in an airtight container for several days-a week or more.

christmas croutons on salad

We also like to use regular-sized cookie cutters and make oversized croutons to serve with soup for the Christmas season.  You can usually only get one oversized crouton per slice of bread when you do these……

christmas soup croutons baking soup croutons

Do you like croutons on your salad…or would you rather do without?

Merry, Merry~


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Croutons {Recipe}…..

  1. Love the idea and love the extra crunch of croutons in a salad. I use a little dry Hidden Valley in with the butter and they are delicious!

  2. I use cookie cutters to create what our family calls ‘Cowboy’ eggs! First I butter the bread, then cut out the shape. I put both pieces of bread into a skillet butter side down. I break an egg into the shape after adding a wee bit of butter so the egg won’t stick. I flip the egg-n-bread combo when the egg turns mostly opaque then serve with the toasted cut-out atop the egg. Never thought about turning the shapes into croutons–what a great idea!

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