Vintage French Ballet Locker… {Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration}

This year we have two rooms that we would like to start {and hopefully finish!} redoing.

In our family when you turn 13 you get to redo your room…and our Little is turning 13 this year. She is so excited. She has been creating design notebooks and mood boards for the past 2 years! ha! {I don’t know who she gets that from???!!!} She has been creating and planning, and picking out. It is an understatement to say that she is more than ready for her room redo.

The other room we hope to makeover is our master bedroom. We want to declutter, add a custom headboard, we have some neat ideas for the walls…….and an incredible piece of furniture that we just started designing/working on this past weekend!

Our inspiration was this wonderful vintage French ballet locker…

Vintage French Ballet Lockers


Isn’t it great? Here’s another one…..

Vintage French Ballet Lockers


Well….we have been trying to design or find a piece of furniture that would take the place of several of our current pieces….helping with the decluttering part of the makeover. When we saw these pieces we were incredibly inspired! Being former professional ballet dancers just made the idea even more special.

Handsome is going to build us a set of “vintage” French ballet lockers just like the ones pictured above….but about twice as big {four rows of lockers instead of just two}. I think they are going to be incredible! I will then proceed to stain/paint/distress them so they will look 100 years old. šŸ™‚

I can hardly wait!

What goals do you have for you home this year? Any makeovers or refreshes you hope to make? What creative projects do you have on your radar?




One thought on “Vintage French Ballet Locker… {Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration}

  1. This year I would like to finally finish working on my bedroom. It’s been a long project with walls and windows being replaced up to the point where I’m at now. which is to finish the molding work and painting details. I did do most of the decorating before I go those other items done. I couldn’t wait. LOL

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