Ready Made Curtains {Using Curtains as Doors}

When trying to organize and make the best use of the space we’ve been given in each room we have found a wonderful way to add character and charm AND hide stuff!

Quite often we use curtains as doors…. door curtains, if you will.

We’ve used curtains as closet doors in our office… you can read about that here. {Made from printed linen}

ready made curtains

We’ve used curtains under kitchen cabinets and under our new farmhouse sink…..{Made from a painters drop cloth} You can view our cottage kitchen here.

ready made curtains ready made curtains

We used them on our sideboard in the dining room to hide the massive amount of storage that was created and to make accessing the stuff under there easy. {It also softens and adds warmth to the room.} {Made from linen} You can view the tutorial on how to make this sideboard here.

ready made curtainsWe also use curtains on our bookcases in the living room. {Made from French ticking} Our living room redo posts can be viewed here…..and it is ongoing!

ready made curtains

The living room is the hardest room in our cottage to take pictures in….weird lighting. I am determined to figure it out and master it one day. If you hang around long enough you might get to see it! {I just hope I still have my eyesight and all my real teeth when it happens!}

I love what it adds to the rooms……so much prettier than a door. Also, it’s much less expensive than adding doors to cabinets and bookcases, etc.

You can use ready made curtains purchased at a store, or you can easily make your own. I made the ones in our home and it was such a quick fix. For some of them it did not even involve sewing. For the ones that it did involve sewing….it was just a quick hem up the sides.

My favorite rods are the cafe curtain rods or the spring loaded curtain rods. Sometimes I slide the curtain right onto the rod…. using a pocket in the top of the material; but most of the times I use cafe rod clips. The clips make the curtains open and close so easily.

Have you ever used curtains in places besides windows?



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8 thoughts on “Ready Made Curtains {Using Curtains as Doors}

  1. I often use curtains, as you do. One of my favorite uses is to block off my living room in the winter. I have a very old, large house. There is a large cased opening between the large front parlor and the living room, there are French doors from the living room onto the deck, and also a doorway into the dining room. I hang a quilt over the French doors, one over the opening to the parlor, and another over the doorway to the dining room. My living room not only looks cozy, with the fireplace, but also the heat stays in the room, so I am not heating areas that are rarely used. I love the look, and also use curtains to cover my bedroom closet, in place of the ugly sliding doors that were there when I bought the house.

  2. Great ideas! I’m getting ready to add a “door curtain” to the lower part of my sewing corner. I’ll have to use velcro because the table is curved across the front. Hope to get started on that project today!

  3. Yours look lovely – all of them –
    I’m just in the process of putting them around my kitchen island – so I can store things
    out of the way in my itsy bitsy teeny weeny kitchen lol

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