The Honor of Being a Memory Keeper……

We had a great weekend! It just went by too fast, as usual.

We had the great honor of being invited to walk through a friend’s family farmhouse and outbuildings….ones that will be demolished in the next several weeks.  I think it has been almost 20 years since they have been lived in…..but such treasures to behold. We loved hearing the stories about each building and the people and the rich lives that were lived there. I also remember Christmas caroling at this farm as a little girl.

To make it even more special….we were invited to take anything that we would like. What an honor! This included the actual wood on the walls and outside……just incredible!

Each building was full of such wonderful, valuable treasures….ones that held great stories and had been overseers of a family living life….the fun times, the hard times, the seasons, the little ones, the grown ones, the generations. The in-laws, the out-laws……. all sitting down together and having ham from the smoke house and fresh eggs from the chickens.

The huge horse barn…still with hay in the hay loft and troughs, the smoke house, the large chicken house and run, the pack house/barn, the farmhouse, and the hallowed home of a special worker that lived on the premises for most of his life.  Such a special, special place.

We didn’t take it lightly that we were offered such a treasure….to not only get to hear about the wonderful memories created here; but to actually get to be a small bit of the ongoing story. To be able to gather treasures and continue to use them …….. when others share their special family items with you, it is an honor…because you get to be a memory keeper. It’s like taking a small flame from a large fire and using it to start a new one…..

Even when the original fire goes out….it lives on in the new fire.

I wish I could share every picture that I took this past weekend…but there are 150! I’d shut down the internet! So, here is a little peek. I won’t share pics of all the treasures that are now with us…..but I will be showing all the fun things that we do with them over the year.

Isn’t this wallpaper lovely?

vintage wallpaper in farmhouse

The wonderful hallway telephone alcove is now with us…..and we have some fun ideas about where we are going to put it in our cottage. {And we may or may not even have a vintage telephone that still works that might be put in it….and used. =)}

vintage phone alcove

Another beautiful wallpaper…….

vintage wallpaper

The floors, ceilings, and walls are covered in gorgeous wood….much of it will be reclaimed and used as a wood floor…..won’t it be gorgeous. Tongue and groove..hardly any nails in any of the boards.

reclaimed wood

Be still my heart!  This is the outside wood siding on all of the outbuildings….isn’t it gorgeous?  We brought a load home…..Handsome is giddy.

reclaimed barn wood

This is the ceiling in the horse barn….you should see the beams! They just don’t make wood and beams like this anymore. WHY!? Why has our wood gone wimpy?

vintage barn wood

The large barn/pack house….. I wish I could just scoop it up on a trailer and move it to our yard. Seriously. For real. I would do it. I considered testing the whole “Up” strategy… many balloons do you think it would take? I’m perfectly willing to give it a try.

farmhouse barn chicken house

There were bird nests everywhere! Some even on top of the curtains in the living room. As we walked through the house and buildings…there were no rodents or bugs, not even spiders! {Here is the South…that is almost unheard of!} I think it very special that there were only evidence of birds living there….birds stand for life.  Even though the family wasn’t living in this farmhouse anymore…the birdsong filled it with life and vitality as it aged.

If this farmhouse was going out…it was going out in style, holding on to the joy. No amount of weather, time, or vandalism can take that away.

bird nests

Here are a few treasures we gathered…..the skeleton key has already found a home on top of the piano…..

skeleton key

In one of the upstairs bedrooms we found all sorts of fun ephemera…..even an old motel room key. {How cool that we knew the original owners of the motel a waaaaayyyyy long time ago!} Vintage coupons, trip logs….and when I saw this banner, “Miss Danceable”….well, you know I HAD to have it! Printed the year before I was born. Prophetic, don’t you think? *wink* *wink*

My favorite in this picture is what appears to be a little ball of thread….but it is actually a small, tatted doily…..I will be reshaping it soon. Tatting is a lost art and is very hard to find.

found treasures

The dining room chandelier will now proudly hang in one of our rooms….we are deciding which one. I feel some Paris Grey chalk paint coming on…….

vintage chandelier

I love the vintage wiring… is cloth-covered. I am all about vintage light fixtures….but always have the wiring checked….and REPLACED before actually installing and using a vintage light fixture. When Handsome takes the wiring out….I want to do something fun with that, too. He will be putting all new wiring in, so it will be able to be used safely. NEVER USE VINTAGE or OUTDATED WIRING!!!! 

vintage wiring

Here is some more fun vintage coupons….I plan to use these in upcoming pieces of artwork. So many neat things you can do with them……

vintage coupons

Beautiful vintage books! You know how special I think these are! Ideas for these have flooded my brain……..and if it wasn’t for some sweet tea….might have shut me down!

vintage books

And this cute, little vintage basket is now our fatwood holder…….

vintage fatwood basket vintage fatwood basket on porch

I’ll stop there for now……and show more later. What a special weekend…….

Here’s to the newly ignited fire….

Yours Truly~

The Memory Keeper


10 thoughts on “The Honor of Being a Memory Keeper……

  1. Daune, be still my heart. I dream of finding old farmhouses, barns and carrying them away. Every piece of wood is a treasure. And why not haul the barn/pack house away? People do it all the time. They either take it apart piece by piece and put it back up on their property, or if possible lift and roll it away. It would make lovely guest quarters……… And I love the “Miss Danceable” banner. Almost like God was playing a game of Treasure Hunt with you, knowing you’d be the one to find it. He always knew his little girl would be “Miss Danceable.” Thanks for sharing your new found treasures. So very fund.

    • Mary~ Yes…I use MMS’s paint quite often…I love it! 🙂 I actually was going to be one of her reps here in our area; but decided that now was not the time to add something else to my plate. Maybe later. 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out what color I want it to be…depends on the room we put it in. Decisions, decisions… Hugs~ Daune

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