It’s My Favorite When……

I love to see people operating in their gifts. It comes with such ease….even though I know there has been lots of hard work. They are in their sweet spot…their element.



It blesses me and ministers to me profoundly when I am around people that are using their talents fully. Just a few months ago I was at one of my children’s concerts…and after they performed there was a lovely lady that sang a beautiful Italian song with the orchestra backing her up. Her talent was astounding! Many people can sing..and sing well….but when you experience someone that is truly gifted…it affects you. She did not strive. She did not boast or work to get the audience’s attention. When she opened her mouth…..attention was immediate. Sure, she trained at a conservatory and practices hard…..she gave up her professional career to start and raise her family. But, no amount of training could produce the sound that came from her being. She was in her sweet spot…..sharing a God-given talent. Her eyes sparkled.

You can tell when someone is operating in their gifts… brings them so much joy. Joy that spills out to all those that are around.  What is your sweet spot? Do you love hospitality and opening your home to others? Are you happiest when you paint or sew……or organize? Are you a performer {sing, dance, act, play a musical instrument} or an administrator that can get the job done? Do you have a special way with encouraging others or lighting fires under them? Are you a teacher or speaker?  Do you love to throw parties or brew a great cup of coffee and sit down with people as a mentor? Do you love science or math? Do you like to walk beside people through life’s ups and downs?

What is your sweet spot? What makes your heart sing? What is it that when given the opportunity to do it your eyes sparkle?

I’d love to know…..



4 thoughts on “It’s My Favorite When……

  1. Creating. Especially when sewing/quilting, painting, working with clay, or creating new flower gardens. If a day passes and I do not have the opportunity to create…I get grumpy…crazy as it sounds, it’s the truth. I go through phases of what media I work with, currently I am eyeball deep in fabric and paint. 🙂 Participating in 3 upcoming blog hops each with a different ‘theme’.

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