For the Love of Doors……

I have always loved doors. They give you a bit of a hint as to what may lie behind. A door says so much about who lives behind it. It makes an announcement. Some doors make me curious….I so want to find out what’s behind them. Some doors make we want to run away. And some doors are so boring I don’t even notice them.

It is the first thing that people see when they arrive….usually the first place they go to. It’s the way in…the place they can approach to be welcomed or turned away. It can be a vulnerable place. {Think back to when you were 6 and selling cookies for a fundraiser. =)}

For a while we have been contemplating the colors, etc. that we would like to repaint our cottage…..a repaint is long overdue.  Well, that includes the front door, too. We love our front door, but it needs a little freshness. Hmmmmmm……

While in NYC this past fall I had fun taking pics of doors as we walked through neighborhoods and different areas. Anytime we go anywhere I seem drawn to the doors….and we always end up with a lot of pictures of doors.

How about I share some with you……

These hinges were the height of two of my hands. Love the little window…….

wooden door with peep hole

Here’s the other side of it……..

antique door in NYC

Be still my heart! These are by far my favorite…….

vintage wooden doors

Talk about a welcome…….this is a taaaahhhhh-daaahhhhhh

red doors in NYC

As a fire chief’s daughter, I had to snap this one……love the door knocker.

firehouse door in NYC

On a brownstone in Millionaire’s Row…..check out the huge doorknobs.

brownstone doors

My guess is….a dog lives here. The chippies are in just the right places for that.

black vintage doors

The doors on St. Patrick’s… majestic and protective. I would feel safe inside these doors.

st patricks door

The main doors on St. Patrick’s Cathedral….if this puts things into perspective: my head barely goes above the top of the door handle.

st. patrick's door

What does your door say about your home and who lives inside?

I hope you walk through wonderful doors this weekend….with fun surprises waiting behind for you….




8 thoughts on “For the Love of Doors……

  1. I have been asking pictures of doors and windows for years. I brought back a wooden door from Morocco and have it hanging in my bedroom as a work of art. Thanks for sharing these doors with us! J

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