These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I love reading or hearing about other people’s favorite things….places to travel, activities, products, shops, etc.  When I started thinking of all my favorite things……whoa, it could get out of hand. There’s a lot! But I thought I would just share a few of my everyday favorite products…….maybe you might discover something cool you’ve never tried or heard about. =)

This is not a sponsored post….just me sharing some of my favorite items that I use everyday!

A Few of My Favorite Things

1.  Orbit sweet mint gum. Found it by accident…and now it is my favorite. {I have to only chew it when I’m by myself….I tend to really get-in to chewing my gum!}

2.  Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover. This stuff rocks! We’ve used it for years….and so far there has been nothing that it can’t get out.  I’ve shared it with so many people and they all fall in love with it. {You can quite often find it at AC Moore, Hancock Fabrics, Bed, Bath, & Beyond.}

3.  Muvazi Skin Care….every morning and every night. All natural, no chemicals, preservatives, etc.  Love it! It’s my twice daily routine.

4.  Restoration Hardware Super Hand Cream…..aaaahhhh, the BEST! I use it year round. The original is my favorite….and I love the smell.

5.  This candle burns in our home daily…..all day. Volcano is the name…and smelling wondrous is its game.

6.  A while ago I discovered a new cosmetic line……so far I have loved everything I’ve tried. My favorites are the smolder eyes liners and the lipsticks and the primers. Great stuff! {It’s sold at Ulta…and, of course, online.}

7.  Izzes….our favorite drink around here. There are 8 different flavors, we love them all. My personal two favorites are grapefruit and peach. But I also love apple and blackberry. Oh yeah, and pomegranate and blueberry. And yes, I also love clementine. They’re just all good…go get some!

8.  I started using Stonewall Kitchen products many years ago…and they are still a favorite. The syrups are divine…we use all of them…and we also love all the jams and jellies.

9.  Moroccan Oil……use it every time I wash my hair. Wonderful stuff. Smelly good stuff. Hair miracle stuff. Love all their products. {Don’t freak when you see the price…one bottle of the oil lasts me and my 2 girls almost 8 months.}

10. I love this artwork that our church is currently using. It reminds me that I want everything that I do, to have Jesus’ handprint on it. Everything. {I miss it sometimes and the handprint says Daune…..but I’m striving for it……}

11. We love Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies.  It’s close to impossible to find all-natural cleaning products that smell good. I’m all about smelling good……and when you use Mrs. Meyer’s….you get both. Aromatherapy while you clean. Basil is our favorite…..we use the sprays, scrubbing/scouring powder, glass cleaner…. I also like Geranium, but Basil is definitely my favorite.

12.  This mascara is the bomb! I’ve used it for 26  years…..and every time I try something new I always end up going back to this one.

13. Our hand soap and dish liquid is always this stuff. We have a few favorites that we change out during the year:  Basil in the spring/summer, Spiced Chestnut in the fall, and Winter Forest in the winter. Works great….and, once again, my smelly needs are met.

14. I love Williams-Sonoma spices……you really can tell a difference when you cook with good spices. I cannot tell a lie. I would love to tell you to go to the dollar store and buy your spices….but I would be leading you astray. My favorite is the Hickory Smoked Sea Salt. I go to the pantry and get it out just to sniff it. {Is that a problem? Should I worry?} Here’s a recipe with it…..but we use it on everything.

15.  This cosmetic line is overall my favorite. Most of my cosmetics come from this line….love the colors and the quality. I’ve also loved getting my girls started with it because the colors are so beautiful and natural…they enhance…great for teenagers. {And non-teenagers, like myself. *ahem*}

16.  This paper company is my very favorite. I love a lot of paper/stationery companies…but this one is where I get most of my cards, writing pads, fun stuff, etc. {You may have seen many of their items in Anthropologie…they often carry a lot of this brand.}

OK…I shared a few of my everyday favorites. What are some of yours? I love new discoveries!

Happy Monday~



6 thoughts on “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

    • Hmmm…how to explain the volcano candle……have you ever been in an Anthropologie store? Well….most of their stores are burning the volcano candle. Does that help? {Why it was named that….I do not know!}

  1. I also love Moroccan hair oil. No frizzies for me and I live in the south! Love the skin care system, too. Christy Tomlinson is one of my fave artists – her sister is co-owner of the company. Good people. Actually – I’m with you on all your choices – gotta try that candle though!

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