Silent and Listen……

Over the past several weeks I’ve been working on listening better. Letting there be silence. It’s not my forte… I have to really work hard at it.

As Handsome and I have been working on regrouping….and getting excited about what that may bring……I’ve really tried to be silent. To hear God’s voice better. For things to be more clear…..and several days ago as I wrote in my journal I realized something:

Silent and Listen have the exact same letters.



I’ve always enjoyed having solitude…getting away from all the hustle, bustle, demands, noise, etc. But if I’m not intentional….I can’t ever get away from the noise in my head—the ramblings, ideas, plans, what ifs…….even in solitude there can be distractions and noise. We may think it’s hard to get away from others….but it’s even harder to get away from ourselves……and be silent……and listen. Rest. Trust.

Trying to be silent and listen~



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