I Have This Strange Habit…….

I didn’t really realize it was strange….or out of the ordinary. I’ve been doing it forever. It works. Gets the job done. I’ve never had any disasters.

Until the day that I spontaneously did it and my mother-in-law was in town. When she saw me do it she burst out laughing….I thought she was going to cough up a lung!

My strange habit? When something needs to be hammered I grab whatever is closest…that is hard….and use it.

strange habits

I’ve used trophies, rocks, Yankee Candles, paint brushes, statues, frames, etc. If a hammer isn’t handy I just grab whatever is close and hammer away!

So, the day my mother-in-law was visiting and we were walking out the screen door….I saw a nail that was hanging out, grabbed the Yankee Jar Candle and hammered it right back in. Isn’t that what anyone would have done?

The funny thing…..I was walking past my youngest daughter’s room the other day….and she was hammering a nail into her wall with a paperweight. ha!

I think this habit may live on to other generations……

Do you have a strange habit?

Oh, come on…you know you do…spill it!

Hammering away~



10 thoughts on “I Have This Strange Habit…….

  1. Not strange at all…what’s really strange is that for years my husband insisted on buttering his toast with my screwdriver! Who knew it is really a table knife?!?

  2. I do it, and when my husband saw me reach for a high heel shoe and pound in a nail, he about had a cow on the spot! I didn’t (and still don’t) see anything wrong with it šŸ™‚

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