Displaying Special Items {Cloches}

We love to display special photos, mementos, gifts, etc. in our home. So, we are always looking for unique ways to keep out things that are special to us….where we can see them daily.

Recently when No. 1 Son returned from China he had brought me back some really special mementos from his trip. I wanted to keep them out….so here is what we did with them.

displaying special items

I thought it would be neat to go with a ‘specimen-type’ display….since that’s kind of what they were. I found a small cork base at the art store…and used a tall, skinny glass cloche that I already had. So everything wouldn’t be flat and on the same level I used a cork to elevate one of the items. I then printed out teeny numbers to glue in front of each special item….to ‘label’ them; and then I created a tag to hang on the outside of the cloche with the explanation of what each item was….corresponding with its number.

displaying special items under cloches

It’s been fun to keep these special items out when others take a look….they know what they are! The items were already special…but by displaying in this way it highlighted them and made them a part of our home decor. =)

Do you have some neat ways that you display special items in your home?

Happy Monday~


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2 thoughts on “Displaying Special Items {Cloches}

  1. Wow… I just did a post on some cloches I made for my little space at the thrift shop and now I’m seeing a lot of them…I love yours!!! Did you know a Stroll Threw life has a cloche part? I’ts closed right now but I plan on linking up to the next one…you should too! 🙂

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