That's me with Handsome--my most favorite partner!

After spending most of my life performing {professional ballet and musical theatre} I abandoned the spotlight to nest into cottage life in Eastern North Carolina – and I love every minute of it! {OK, well, most minutes!}

We saw it when Handsome {aka Keith} and I were first engaged—the cottage in the big oaks.  We fell for it.  And a couple of years later while awaiting the debut of our first bundle of joy – we bought it!  We named it Oak Cottage.  We have been transforming it into our own special nest ever since.

We now have 17 years of great memories, renovations, creative endeavors, re-dos, and fun in Oak Cottage – and making more each day. {As far as the re-dos/renovations, we cross one off the list and add five more! ha!}

As a family of artists we share a love of all things beautiful – and embrace the creative call passionately.  Under this cottage roof we have all kinds of artists:  writers, dancers, actors, filmmakers, sculptors, violinists, woodworkers……you get the picture.  It’s a lot of passion to contain under one, small cottage roof!  Whew! {Powerful daily multi-vitamins needed!}  We love being outdoors–enjoying the journey.

My favorite things to do are to paint, write, garden, cook, create, travel, entertain, celebrate, and to be out in nature  – so I started this blog as a creative outlet and virtual scrapbook of musings, discoveries, creative adventures, and chronicle of what’s going on at the Cottage in the Oaks.  I cherish the authentic life – and to be, rather than to seem.  I hope Cottage in the Oaks will inspire, encourage, give you fun ideas, and lead you to your own creative call. {As well as give you lots of chuckles – authenticity always brings chuckles—quite often guffaws!}



Love to hear from you guys.......

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