Faux Reclaimed Barn Wood Door……

We are gearing up for the bathroom redo…and finishes a few small things in the living room redo.  As I was mulling over some of my ideas for these two projects I remembered how we completely changed the look of our kitchen door in a matter of minutes.

I shared this project over a year ago when many of you weren’t with me…and it is so fun and easy I thought I would share it again.

We loved all the character of our cottage when we bought it—the heart pine floors and Silas Lucas brick reclaimed from antebellum homes of the south, the authentic Acadian Cottage design, the old barn wood {reclaimed barn boards] used for the bathroom walls, the open floor plan {great for entertaining..which we LOVE}, etc.  But, of course, we like to nest and make it our own.  We are in the process of overhauling and re-doing many large and small aspects of Oak Cottage.  One small re-do that was accomplished recently was the door in the kitchen.  It was just your everyday, regular, white exterior door with a window.  {SO glad for the window!}  It didn’t fit in with the personality of our kitchen or home.  We like the vintage, shabby, Paris flea market, English cottage, artsy, eclectic style.  Never heard of that style?  Well, we make it up as we go—-I think we could call it the Vinabbarisharkart Style.  What do ya think? {Some people call it French Farmhouse…but it’s fun to be different….I never have liked to fit into a pigeon hole. 😉 }

We wanted our kitchen door to look as if it was reclaimed barn boards…or at least an old wooden farmhouse door.

Here’s what our door looked like BEFORE the makeover:

And here is our door AFTER a quick 20 minute {no kidding} overhaul:

barn boards

All the difference in the world!  Have a door you’d like to overhaul?  You can do this with wood or metal doors.

Here’s what you need:

1.  paint {we used a chocolate brown color for an old farmhouse/barn look.}  You could have lots of fun with bright colors, as well!

2.  dry brush

3.  painter’s tape for the window

Here’s how ya do it:

1.  tape the window right next to the door..you don’t need to tape up the entire window, just the edges that touch the door.

2.  dip your brush into the paint JUST A BIT—and then brush the paint off onto a paper plate or rag.  {This is called a Dry Brush technique}

3.  paint your door in horizontal strokes—leaving plenty of the white showing

4.  continue painting the entire door until you have your desired look—more of less paint—with the dry brush technique.

This project should take you 20-30 minutes–no kidding!  {Unless you are be-laborer–then it will surely take longer.  I just can’t help you there. :)}

We had fun and added a simple linen curtain and vintage sign.  It added SO much personality and character to the kitchen!

What projects are you working on around your home?


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