A Beach Blanket of One’s Own…….

When this posts I will be on a plane headed to Haven!  I’ll share all the fun with you when I get back.  I thought I’d share a fun Beach Blanket idea with you while I was gone!

We made each one of our children one of these fun beach blankets…..and it’s so much fun to get them out and use them each year.  All of their friends and family participated in each blanket when we did them.

You can always use an extra blanket, right?  RIGHT!  Especially for picnics and the beach.  Here is something fun we have done with each of our children….a fun, personalized beach blanket.  We actually used this as birthday party activities when our children were very young–allowing each guest to add to the blanket when they arrived.

This is a fun friendship beach blanket—but, you could use the same idea and make a very nice gift for a graduate, wedding, friend, etc.  You could choose a design to personalize the blanket; or let it be a memento for some special occasion.

Here’s what you will need for the project:

1.  Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in all the colors you desire to use

2.  Delta Ceramcoat Textile Medium

3.  Brushes in various sizes

4.  Small containers to mix paint and textile medium–we used paper cups

4.  Bed sheet in the size desired—we used a full


1.  Prewash and dry sheet

2.  Hang sheet between two trees, or spread on the ground/floor with something holding the edges down

3.  Just prior to using—mix textile medium into paint colors you are ready to use

4. Paint away!

5.  It will dry pretty fast—but we left it out to dry 24 hours before folding or using

Here’s some shots of different spots on our beach blankets:

These are really fun to make—and make a great keepsake!  We still have fun talking about all the friends that added their special touch to each blanket–and what each addition meant to our children.

Hope you are having a super week~


Found Treasures Project

If you’ve been here a few weeks you know that I shared how much we love going to Cape May.  It’s a fun summer destination for our family.  Each evening we go to Sunset Beach in Cape May to watch the sun set behind the water and to gather Cape May diamonds..and pebbles.  Cape May Diamonds are frosted looking pebbles that can only be found on Sunset Beach in Cape May.  If you take them to a gemologist and have them cut/faceted—they look just like diamonds to the naked eye.  They are lovely—-and a fun family adventure to scavenge for them on the beach. {They are plentiful.}

On the beach….

Raw vs. polished…..

Cape May Diamond earrings……

Believe it or not—I’m a girl that is not that crazy about diamonds!  I’d rather have flowers on my tables than diamonds around my neck.  Yep, it’s true.  SO, here is what we do with our Cape May diamonds that we collect by the bucket fulls each time we go.

Using hot glue we have decorated the edges of lamp shades:

The outside of frames……

And mirrors…..

We also use them to cover the top of dirt in our potted plants…..it’s great looking, as well as keeps the dirt from washing away or becoming unlevel.

For a fun project like this….

Here’s what you need:

fun pebbles from the beach or mountains

or fun small shells

hot glue

something you want to decorate! Anything goes! 🙂 Lamp shades, frames, pots, table edges, etc.

Here’s how ya do it:

Using the hot glue….glue found treasures onto your object however and wherever you would like them!  You can totally cover it up–make it abstract–or very precise and organized.

I know you guys stress about my difficult directions—I’ll try to work on it.

This is really a fun project that you cannot mess up—and it is so fun.  Here is the room that houses our Cape May diamond covered shades and frames.  {The mirror is in my son’s bedroom.}

You can check out the room that this project came from here!

What found treasures have you used in your home in a neat way?

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Cape May…..

Our family loves to travel.  We have been many places and crave adventure—always up for a good travel destination and discovering something new.  But we also have a few favorites—you know, the ones you return to over and over again and never get tire of going there?

Cape May is one of those ‘our places’ for us.  It is one of our favorite summer spots to have fun as a family.  We have made so many fun memories there. I wrote this little note on one of our framed Cape May pictures:

Returning to Cape May is as natural as breathing.

It is there that we gain perspective.

Our dreams reach out to the horizon.

Our problems drift out to sea on the ebbing tide.

As new hopes surge in on each new wave.

Here are some fun shots of Cape May. {Click on each picture for the source}

The first thing we like to see when we arrive—the Cape May boat on the beach.  It’s the sign that ‘we are there’!

The cabanas on the beach—just waiting for us….

The lovely Victorian ladies that line each and every street….

The bikes that we rent as soon as we get unpacked—the best way to get around Cape May:

Picking up Cape May Diamonds at Sunset Beach while watching the sun set:

Where is one of YOUR favorite spots?

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Walking on the Wall

Who is going to the beach/lake/river this weekend?  We are all itching to get to large bodies of water around here!  We live only an hour and fifteen minutes from the beach—-so we go quite often.

When our kids were younger we did this fun family project at the beach; but now we are going to have to re-do it!  By the time we went to add our third child’s footprints—they were bigger than her older brothers!  {We waited too long!}  BUT, we’ll have fun doing it again to update everyone.

You don’t have to go to the shore for this project—as long as you have some sand. A sandbox would work—or get a bag of sand from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Want your family to walk on the walk?  It’s a fun and easy family project!


1.  a bucket of plaster of paris {from Michael’s, AC Moore, or any other craft store}

2.  sand

3.  water

4.  wire {florist wire or craft wire works great—at least 24 gauge}


1.  make sure the sand that you are using is a bit wet–not too wet, just damp.

2.  mix the plaster of paris in the bucket according to directions.  It should be a bit soupy

3.  one family member at a time make good footprints in the sand–make sure they are deep and a good, solid print {you can see toes, etc. well}

4.  pour the plaster of paris in each  print—make sure you stop at the top of the most shallow spot {you don’t want overflow}

5.  plaster of paris dries pretty fast—so once it starts to get the consistency of jello–make a hook with wire and insert it around the ball of each footprint {make a little loop at the end of each end of your wire–so it has a better hold inside the footprint}

6.  allow to dry

7.  when hardened—pick up your sand footprint and put in a safe place for 24 hours

8. find a fun place on the wall and hang!

This is a fun, easy project—we get so many comments from our’s.  BUT, here’s a funny story about our footprints.

While hanging Handsome’s footprints—I accidentally dropped one.  {Plaster of paris breaks SUPER easy—into a million pieces.}  So, when he came home that night—we re-did one of his footprints.  I was so excited. Project done.  All feet were on the wall.  And then I saw it.

We had re-done the wrong one!  He had two left feet!  The fact that Handsome & I are professional ballet dancers made the fact that he had two left feet hanging on our wall a big hoot!  It was so funny—we decided to leave it that way!  Adds to the fun factor.  Check out the picture above to see his two left feet for all to see in our home!  ha!ha!

I’m hauling out the surfboards and beach chairs………..

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