Fun Stuff & A WINNER!!!!

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a super weekend. Can you believe that it is Thanksgiving week? Whoa. This is my favorite time of the year and I have been trying to slow it down and not miss anything. Whew! It’s a full time job to do that.

I wanted to share some fun things that we have in the shop with you….and a special discount code that is just for Cottage in the Oaks readers! {You can click on each picture to be taken to the item.}

Many of the items are in very limited quantity and when they are gone…they will be gone!

I love this photo print of what we’ve named “The Reindeer Barn”. I took this photo on one of our road trips in the fall. It is so fun.  We have an 11 x 14 photo print, as well as sets of postcards of this print.

We also have some neat chalkboards tags/labels. Several different shapes to choose from….circles, hearts, rectangles, ovals……

The best-seller in our shop is the Mini French Cafe Tabletop Chalkboard…..and we’ve done a special one just for Christmas! {You can also still order the other colors/finishes, as well.}

Cuffs galore!  You can special order any name or date, short phrase, etc. We’ll be happy to customize one for you.

Some bunting/pennants….

Flour sack tea towels in all kinds of prints…….

Fitz and Floyd created this gorgeous Christmas pattern called St. Nicholas over 20 years ago….it has not been available for the past several years.  We have some wonderful pieces…adding up to a whole set.  If you’d like to start or add to your Christmas china…..we have dinner plates, salad plates, creamer/sugar, dessert plates, cups and saucers….platters.  Check it out! {I love this pattern!}

There’s lots more….those were just some fun highlights.  For this week only we want to offer you a special discount of 20% off your total purchase through November 25, 2012.  Just use the code:


when you checkout. You can get a jump on your Christmas shopping…or fun-for-you shopping. 🙂 You can visit the shop here.

Also….just some blog maintenance……we have outgrown our servers. SO, within the next few weeks we will be updating and changing to a new server.  This should not cause us to lose anyone….BUT, if you subscribe to Cottage in the Oaks via feed there is a slight possibility that the transfer will cause us to lose you. {That would make me sad.} I’ll give you a heads up when we get ready to do it, and if all of a sudden you don’t get a post from us on a weekday….you know we lost you! SO, be sure to come back here and subscribe to the feed again, and we’ll be back on track!

We have a winner of the fabulous Moen Shower Giveaway! It is comment #42: Rebecca Reavis!

Rebecca, shoot me a quick e-mail: cottageintheoaks [at] me [dot] com with your mailing address and we will get it right out to you! Congratulations!

Lot’s of fun stuff going on……


Antiqued / Distressed Kitchen Island ::: From the Archives

I just returned from NYC at 2:00am!  Whew! It was a fabulous trip, but I am beat! I’ll share some of our fun with you guys soon!

I was greeted when I returned home with LOTS of etsy orders. {Yay!  That’s always fun!} But I have to share with you that two of the orders were extra exciting…..Williams-Sonoma {you guys KNOW the love I have for Williams-Sonoma!} and West Elm {another love!} had ordered chalkboards!  Woohoo! How cool is that!? Two of my favorite stores ordered from our store. {I’m a bit giddy….can you tell?}

SO, I’m off to make chalkboards and package things up…..I hope you guys won’t mind if I share a post from a little over a year ago.  We are still enjoying our antiqued/distressed ‘crate’ kitchen island….I thought I would share that project again, for those of you that may not have been with us over a year ago. 🙂


The kitchen redo seems to be taking much longer than we planned.  We’ve been waiting to find the perfect farmhouse sink—so we can then do the concrete countertops—so then we can……..

You know.

BUT, a couple of weekends ago I had fun redoing the kitchen island.  It has a butcher block top and I wanted to distress it and make it appear to be like an old European shipping crate that had been repurposed into an island. And then, of course, restored.  We do the craziest things.

Here’s what you need:

~ sander/sanding paper

~ stencils

~ stencil paint

~ stain {we used Minwax Special Walnut}

~ clear, matte sealer

~ brushes

Here’s how we did it:

1. Clean and sand the top of the island

2.  Lay out your stencils—and stencil! Since we wanted it to look like a shipping crate, we laid them out a bit haphazard and in different directions.  We used black acrylic paint for this part.

3.  Once dry—sand your stenciled areas so they will appear worn

4.  Stain—with the grain—your island.  Go right over your stencils.  Do not allow the stain to puddle if at all possible.  DO NOT WIPE OFF THE EXCESS!!!  Usually when you stain furniture you would want to do this—but to make a piece looked distressed and old, skip this step. It will create worn markings and spots—looks so great!

5.  Repeat #4 if it is not as dark as you would like it to be—-or if you are happy with it, move on to the next step.

6.  Follow the directions of the clear sealer—and seal with 3 coats.  Make sure you use a matte sealer for the antique/distressed look.  Shiny/Gloss doesn’t cut it for this. 🙂 We use Polycrylic.

7.  Wait at least 24 hours before using or putting anything on it.

I love it!  What do you think?

Now………I heard Ikea has great farmhouse sinks that don’t cost an arm and a leg……….hhhhhmmmmmmmmm………

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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New Stuff…..

Happy Monday!

The weekend flew past….whew!

I thought I would share some new stuff that we put in the shop over the weekend.  We’ve just started adding items for Thanksgiving and Christmas….some more fun things will be added in the coming weeks.

I love the Mini French Cafe tabletop chalkboard in red for Christmas….

Some other new colors we’ve added are duck egg blue…..

and vintage white…….

Our autumn and Thanksgiving banners/pennants/bunting are back in the shop, too…….

And we have lots of new tea towels that we’ve been making……..

I would love it if you’d run on over and check it out…..what’s your favorite item?  What is something that you would like to see in the shop?

Just for our readers……use the code: autumn

for 20% off your entire order today through September 23!


New Things……

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a super weekend…they just go by too fast!

We got lots done in the garden, cleaned off the front porch…….

and had fun walking around in the rain at the garden center. 🙂

This is our last week of school here…..yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

We homeschool….and I’m never sure who is more excited to get things wrapped up for the year…me or the kids. We all have fun and love it, but once we hit mid-March we are all ready to finish up! 🙂 Ready for summer adventures, a little less structure, and some relaxation. {The pool opens this Saturday!}

I thought I’d share some new things in our etsy shop with you……

We created another version of our Mini French Cafe Tabletop Chalkboard.

It now not only comes in the darker, walnut stain….but in a light French Country gray.

 We also added a couple of new Vintage Flour Sack Tea Towels.

A French Fleura {florist} Advertisement

 and a French sheep advertisement….

 I love sheep. I want some. And chickens.

I need a farm.

If you’d like you can follow my love of sheep, chickens, farms, vintage, fun things, food, etc. on Pinterest here.

What have you guys been up to this weekend?


A NEW Winner!!!!!

OK…for days now we have posted here on the blog,

on Facebook, on twitter, and even e-mailed

the winner directly and have not heard a peep.

Maybe she’s somewhere wonderful like Paris or Italy.

I hope so.


So, today is the day……we must choose a new winner!

So sorry, Harmony….we love you; but you didn’t

respond to all of our shout outs and contacts!

Maybe next time.


The Supersized 1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway is:

Elizabeth G.

 *banners flying, confetti throwing, crowds cheering*

Congratulations!….contact me:

 cottageintheoaks [at] me [dot] com

so  I can get your info and get these wonderful

goodies in the mail to you!!!!!

Don’t forget you still have a few more days to use

the discount code:


in our etsy shop for 20% off your total purchase

through April 30!

Happy Day~

Tea Towels + Plant Markers

It’s Wednesday..

where is the week going!?

I thought I would take a moment to share

a few of the items that we just added in

our etsy shop…..since

there is still time to use the discount code:


for 20% your entire purchase through April 30.

I have had lots of fun making these

new Tea Towels for the shop

{*ahem* and for us here at home! :)}

I love flour sack towels….

and I’ve printed these with vintage advertisements,

some European and some American.

There are seven different prints.

Just click on each picture to be taken to the listing & info.

The European Tea Towel is included in the

Super Giveaway that ends on Friday!

I couldn’t decide which was my favorite……

so we have one of each around here!

Those of you that have been around here

for a while know we like to repurpose old, vintage

shutters into fun things… this.

So, we came up with another idea and

used some old, vintage shutters to make these fun

Chalkboard Garden Markers.

You can write on them with any chalk or chalk pen.

So, what do you think?

 Some more fun stuff will be coming soon…..


Fun in the Garden….

I hope you all had a super weekend!

It was beautiful here and we were outside Friday-Sunday.

Loved it!

We had a lot of fun planting this past weekend.

We  planted a salad garden {I’ll share about that later this week.}

And added lots of new herbs to the herb garden.

I thought I would share an idea that I shared at the very

beginning of this blog….since so many of you

weren’t with me then. 🙂

We love adding these Milk Crates filled with herbs or flowers

in neat places in our garden…nestled in somewhere.


Milk Crate Herb Garden

{Originally posted last year}

It has been unbearably hot here for weeks now—and my poor herb garden is looking wimpy!  I have a large herb garden that I love and use almost everyday.  The unseasonable heat has made it hard to keep lush—SO, I started planting some small container herb gardens with my favorite, most used herbs; making it easier to keep moist and ready-to-use.

I love vintage metal baskets of any kind—-locker baskets, milk crates, etc.  I nab them whenever I see them.  I remember putting my towel and pool stuff in a locker basket each day at the pool when I was growing up.  {Remember those silver/galvanized?, metal pool pins you had to have to get into the pool?  They had a little number on them.  Love those, too. I sometimes kept mine on my towel—and it would leave rust spots by the end of the summer.}

This past weekend I pulled out one of my Flavo-Rich metal milk crates and filled it with a mini herb garden.  I love it—and it adds some fun character to a hole I had in the garden.  Nestled right in with the ballerina roses and gardenia.

Here’s What You Need:

metal crate of any kind

moss or window box/hanging basket fiber insert

potting soil–I like organic Miracle Grow with moisture control


Here’s How Ya Do It:

1.  Line your crate with the moss or fiber–you may have to cut it and piece it in to fit.  I had a round one on hand that I had to cut into several pieces.  Once you fill it with soil and plant it—the piecing will not show.  My crate has about 6 different pieces—but looks seamless.

2.  Fill with soil

3.  Plant herbs—to keep it from looking wimpy fill it up! There are six plants in my planter.  Just since this weekend {4 days ago} they have filled in and you can no longer see the dirt!  Looks great!  You will be harvesting them, so you want it to be lush.

4.  Find the just right spot to nestle it in!

5.  Soak it with water

While at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend I found the neatest plant to add to our garden!  Horseradish!  It grows very well here and is very prolific!  You harvest the roots in the fall —- we will have fresh, homemade horseradish!  So excited.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes—new territory here, having to learn about it.  It is a perennial.  You harvest the larger roots and re-plant the others to come back and multiply for the next year. Fun!

The horseradish is starting to come back for this year! Yay!
If you haven’t already….be sure to enter our SuperSized 1 Year Blogoversary Giveaway!
You can enter here.
ALSO, here’s a discount code for our etsy shop:


for 20% off your entire order!
We listed some fun new tea towels over the weekend.
Have a great Monday~

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New Stuff!

I thought I would take a minute to show you

some of the new items in the etsy shop….

and let you know that you can win a great one if you head on over to

At the Picket Fence.

Here are some of our new items:

Tabletop French Cafe Chalkboard

We have so much fun with these!

I love candles…but I don’t always like the color

of my favorite fragrances.

So we made jar candle covers out

of European linen grain sack that is over 60 years old.

Now our candle jars look so much more fun

sitting around the cottage.

They have a velcro closure on the back

and will fit any large jar candle.

We also had fun covering glass votives in

European linen grain sack……

Our EAT napkins are back in stock!

And we’ve also added our hand stamped leather cuffs to our store.

Pick from some that we’ve already made or let us know

which word or phrase you would like and we will make a

custom one just for you.

Another popular item has been our middle daughter’s

Rubberband Man.

You can read the story behind it here.

Which one can you win?

One of the French Cafe Tabletop Chalkboards

over on the At the Picket Fence blog.

If you are already a Cottage in the Oaks follower

just leave a comment saying so…and then there are lots

of other ways to enter, too!

Go over and enter!

Happy Weekend~

Christmas Shopping Coupon!!!

Especially for you guys….

For the Thanksgiving Week:  November 21-27

Use the coupon code:


in either

Fun Vintage and Handmade items!


Gorgeous Vintage and Estate Jewelry!

for 10% off your total purchase!

Get some of those gifts checked off your list the easy way!

Get shopping!

Happy Turkey Week~

The Glamour of Aunt Shirley…..

My great aunt lived an incredibly glamorous life.

She went to Hollywood when she was only 16….and immediately became a part of the film industry.

Her friends were the big names of Hollywood…..she owned houses all over

Burbank, Hollywood, LA, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas

She traveled the world.

The summers spent with her …. on the set at Universal in Hollywood…and on the sets when she traveled to the East Coast

to do films….will always be treasured memories.  So much fun.

I spent time with amazing people and had incredible adventures!

When she died almost 3 years ago I became one of the honored heirs of not only her legacy,

but her many wonderful material items that she had collected over her lifetime.

Many of them now grace our home…full of stories and history.

She only liked the best….in everything!  Nothing spared.

Many of the items were given to her by big name celebrities.

My middle daughter has Lucille Ball’s dressing table and makeup mirror in her room right now.

My youngest daughter has Doris Day’s pink chintz dressing valet in hers.

I enjoy wearing jewelry that was a gift to her from Barbra Streisand.

We have boxes and boxes of notes and letters from celebrities that were written to my Aunt Shirley.

We have a Russian Mink coat that she purchased while in Russia working on Dr. Zhivago.

The list could go on and on…..if all these items could talk!

We know the stories behind many of them because she told us, or we were there to see.

But there are many that we only know a bit about….but know there is more.

We have spent the past 3 years sorting through a lifetime of collections.

Jewelry was one of her main weaknesses….she had more jewelry than a jewelry store.

Most of it we are keeping….but there are some chosen pieces that we have decided to offer

for sale; and so we have opened an etsy shop just for those pieces called

Hollywood & Vine

I chose to name it that because anytime we visited her we would travel down to

the Hollywood neighborhood and eat at The Brown Derby…on the corner of

Hollywood and Vine. 🙂

I am offering these pieces at 1/2 their appraisal value…..a great deal, if you love fine, unique, estate jewelry.

I would love it for you to visit the shop and come back here and let me know what your favorite piece is!

If you know anyone that likes estate jewelry….this is a great opportunity to find a treasure.

Please share Hollywood & Vine with them!

Hey, it’s Christmas!  Great gifts await!

Let me know what you think…..

Here’s a snapshot of some of the items:

Have a super weekend~