Finding the Lovely…..{Week 5}

Where are these weeks going!?

We’re preparing to host about 15 teen girls for the weekend….

so, off I go to the grocery store!

Finding the Lovely

Lovelies from this week….

the hot chocolate station

freshly made salsa

daffodils on the sill

slushy date with a daughter


and johnny jump-ups!

Handsome..the four-leaf finding king

tie-dye car wash

brushes! Oh, how I love them….

a fun family game of Chinese checkers

the chairs that we are getting ready to paint

putting together some treats for all the girls spending the weekend with us

a yummy dinner

the first clover blossom of the season

paint colors for a daughter’s new bedroom {she picked the top left one!}

a quiet trail

Have a fabulous weekend!



Finding the Lovely…. {Week 4}

Yesterday while posting about my Spring Fever….I checked the forecast.

20 degrees. Ice storm on the way.

So, I went out and bought pansies.

I’ve gone into total denial. I’m not turning back. 😉

Much loveliness was found this week….here’s just a bit…..

Finding the Lovely Week 41. Our first snow in 2 years. All the snowmen had more pine straw than snow. ha! I think we got a whole 1/2″ !

2.  Garden path dusted in snow.

3. Snow boots all lined up….keeping hope before us all. 😉 They would more appropriately be called slush boots this go ’round.

4.  A lovely daughter making us a lovely dinner…homemade chili and cornbread. {A double lovely!}

5.  Something warm to sip while finishing up taxes.

6.  This little kitchen gadget makes me smile when I look at it. It’s so fun. hee!hee!

7.  One of the many acorns we have hanging around Oak Cottage.

8. Handsome and I went to dinner last night…in a very busy part of town. When we came out 2 lovely horses were tied to a tree. It was the funniest lovely all week. Great way to save gas? Would have loved to meet the owners ….. I have a feeling I would like them. 😉

9. Pansies. Enough said.

I hope your week was full of lovely….and your weekend will refresh your heart and soul.

Blessings to you~


Finding the Lovely ….. {Week 3}

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day! We’ve been busy around here with some fun projects…..but aren’t quite finished yet.

This was a hard week. Anyone else been there? But….there were still many lovely things happening in the midst of the hard.

Finding the Lovely Week 3

1. My favorite store! 😉

2.  Heart-shaped BoBerry biscuit. If you do not live in or are from the South….this may be foreign to you. I implore you to try them one day when you are passing through.  I only have them once-in-a-while…but the week of Valentine’s each year they are in a heart shape. An extra lovely:  see the little hand?

3.  A bowl full of lavender-filled hearts.

4. Vintage Valentine’s

5.  Pillows….waiting….

6.  Two crazy sisters that fight over the front seat daily!

7. I’m forgiven……so I’m dropping my rock.

8.  Woke up to beautiful tulips on Valentine’s Day….my favorite! {How did he know???}

9.  Went to change the toilet paper on Valentine’s Day….and found this. =) God was sending me a message…even in the toilet paper. I’m loved. I’m His favorite Valentine. 😉 hee!hee!

What are some lovely things from your week? Anyone else have a hard week….but could still see the lovelies?

Hope your weekend totally refreshes you~


Finding the Lovely {Week 2}


Yaaaaayyyyyy! It’s time for the weekend!

I hope you have had a lovely week….and if not, I hope you are able to look back and see that amidst the hardness….there was loveliness, too!

Finding the Lovely Week 2

My lovelies for this week????

My daily morning green drink…..gets me going!

A fun note/request added to my grocery list…with the addition of ‘thank you for being cooperative’ added in. =) Love. It.

A bird’s nest found while running errands

A special treasure found and brought home

Some fun new chairs for the cottage dining room!

My favorite soap for getting off paint, etc. after doing artwork

A cozy robe waiting….

Bed pillows!

My heart rock collection

A costume morgue neatly organized and ready…..

A winter camelia blooming in the garden

A clean kitchen floor

God finishing off a day in a spectacular way…

A fun Valentine Mantel

Tie-dye soap in the car wash!

Handsome’s lips……oooooo-la-la! Very lovely, indeed! 😉

Have a lovely weekend, friends~


Finding the Lovely {Week 1}

Last year for the month of February I had fun with a weekly post called ‘Finding the Lovely’. You can check out last year’s Finding the Lovely posts here.

It was part of being intentional about finding and SEEING the loveliness each week and capturing it spontaneously….on my phone’s camera. To stop and SEE all the fun, lovely things that happen each week. It’s fun…why don’t you join me!? I lt was great at the end of the week to look back over what I’d quickly documented…..and have proof of all the wonderful, lovely blessings that have happened throughout the week. Even if I feel like it’s been a rough or ‘bad’ week…..when I look back over what I’ve documented, it’s proof that even rough weeks are full of loveliness.  And at the end of weeks that I think have been wonderful….I get to look back over and remember. There is always loveliness to be noticed…it’s everywhere.

I challenge you to try it. As you go through your day capture things on your phone’s camera….anything that makes you smile or that you think is lovely, fun, etc. At the end of the week go back and look through all those things. Focus on the lovely. The gifts. The blessings that find you each day.

For the next several Fridays I thought I would share my Finding the Lovely right here.

For this week…….

Finding the Lovely - Week 1

Art brushes….they make my heart sing!

Getting the first spoonful of peanut butter =)

A little spring on the table on a super cold day….

Words of comfort and encouragement

A gorgeous sky on my early morning run

Getting to do some mini art with my new art pencils for someone that needed encouraging

A wonderful gift of 48 vintage, wooden, folding chairs….have always wanted some of these!

A barn full of treasures…waiting to be loved again

A daughter’s beautiful music….it always ministers to me

Belgian waffles for dinner

A fun daughter….love spending time with her

Having a frappuccino girls’ afternoon date!

A fun game of Chinese checkers with the whole family

Ice crystals sparkling

Chinese delivery in front of the fire during an ice storm

Daffodils saved from the ice and sitting on the sill

May you have a weekend full of finding the lovely~


Finding the Lovely {Week 4}

This has been such a fun thing to do throughout the week….

intentionally and spontaneously capturing the everyday lovely

that we are surrounded by. It’s everywhere if we take the time to acknowledge it.

It’s been a lovely week:

~ Delphiniums….I love them!

~ Sunday morning Belgian waffles

~ a little message left

~ lizards on the woodpile…spring is almost here!

~ forgiven

~ my lovely 84 year-old grandmother

~ skipping down the hall at the retirement center….you just don’t outgrow it.

[I have to stop and talk about this one for a second……I am so very blessed to have 3 teenage children that have so much fun together. There is just not anything much more lovely than a parent seeing their children enjoying each other’s company and having fun together.  I don’t take it for granted.]

~ the entertainer….always.

~ the entertainer’s desperate attempt to make sure she got the last brownie

~ posters that the kids are working on for the Youth Arts Festival

~ a flat of pansies….spring!

~ abundant parsley in the garden

Head on over to Kimberly’s blog for more loveliness.

I challenge you to start recording your own loveliness….each day with your phone….just spontaneously capturing anything lovely that you see.  It’s so much fun…you might just get addicted.

Have a wonderful weekend~

Finding the Lovely {Week 3}

It’s been a lovely week…and a fast one!

Here are some of the lovely things I captured on my phone this week:

~  Shoes that made it through Ellis Island…the stories they could tell…..

~ a little box of trinkets and treasures that hang on our wall

~ a cozy bedroom reading spot

~ a beautiful magazine…full of beautiful images

~ a warm candle filling our home with wonderful smells

~ eyes to see the lovely

~ our last pair..mine & Handsome’s…before we retired from performance {to be Mom & Dad}  This is my favorite picture from the week……oh how we miss it!

~ tulips! Spring is coming…..

~ the wonderful get well card that my middle daughter orchestrated and had so many to sign. blessed.

~ one of my lovely daughters hanging out with her grandfather {my dad}

~ my children’s violin instructor….with her husband, performing a concert for Valentine’s.  They are in their 80’s….and incredible. At the top of their game. I aspire….

~ a day of making feather pillows…..evidenced all over the house!

What has been your lovely this week?

Head on over to Jeanne’s blog and see some other lovelies this week!

May your weekend be full of intentionally seeing the lovely that surrounds you~

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Finding the Lovely {Week 2}

Intentionally finding the lovely this week…..

spontaneously on my phone.

I love instagram…it is so fun!

{You can follow me on instagram: Cottageintheoaks or Cottage in the Oaks}

If you have an iPhone and don’t know about instagram…go check it out!

Here are just a few of  the lovely things I captured this week:

a jar of glitter…I think everyone should have one

vintage valentines

tickets that I gave Handsome..that he has been cashing in!

hyacinths beginning to sprout

fun love notes written on the bathroom mirror

daughter’s handmade earrings featured in an art show

heart trails

a heart rock in the ground

a happy face pansy

winter tree

hot chocolate on a cold day

May your weekend be full of finding the lovely~

Finding the Lovely

Finding the Lovely {Week 1}

Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor are doing a

photo series during the month of February

called Finding the Lovely.

I love photography….and this series goes right with

my 2012 word of the year: INTENTIONAL!

In fact, that is one of the things I am trying to

be very intentional about this year……

finding the lovely in each situation, hour, day, week…….

I’ll post my weekly Finding the Lovely wrap up each Friday

in February……I’m a bit behind on the first one.

Here are some of the lovely things I captured on my phone

for this first week, all things I am truly thankful for:

~  a beautiful rainbow spotted outside the art building

~ fun at Ben & Jerry’s

~ a mushroom pushing through the winter pine straw

~ coke w/  a paper straw!

~ teaching a family dance class with Handsome

~ an at-home Secret Keeper Girl spa date with Sage

~ the first daffodils of the season

~ a message left for me by Handsome…in blue Jolly Rangers!

~ a lovely sunset

~ an afternoon of bedroom forts

~ a birthday cookie with extra icing..woohoo!

~ a found bluebird egg

~ my heart rock collection….given to me one-by-one over the years from Handsome

~  a daily message reminder {much-needed}

~ dinner-time fun w/ two of my favorite loons

~ an afternoon of  picnicking at our favorite spot

~ diligent practice….lovely sound

~ a heart-shapped potato! 🙂

What about you? What lovely things have filled your days?

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